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Volvo V40 T5 Cross Country: The Review

In the third (and unexpected) V40 to be parked in A Wheel Thing’s garage, due to a minor but potentially non road worthy sensor glitch in the scheduled S60 sedan, the newly released Cross Country version was offered as a replacement, with the S60 being rescheduled. As such, this review will look at the differences between the Cross Country and its stablemates, rather than a normal in depth look.Volvo V40 Cross Country profile

It’s the turbo four and six speed Volvo V40 Cross Country engineauto combination; that 180 kW top end and 350 Nm from 1500 to 4500 revs combine sweetly in the Cross Country. It provides plenty of acceleration, makes overtaking a breeze however there’s a hesitation with the gearbox engaging Drive from Reverse and some indecision on light throttle applications. Under way, the transmission responds to the engine’s demands with alacrity.

The Suit.
There’s an inch or two extra ride height, some truly good looking 18 inch charcoal and silver Volvo V40 Cross Country wheelalloys, some extra body work on the Cross Country, featuring black urethane panels at the rear, along the sides and in the lower section of the front bumper, plus brushed alloy look inserts under the doors. With the review car painted white, it’s an eye catching mix of Volvo V40 Cross Country rearStormtrooper toughness and a touch of bling.
The roof is the panoramic all glass style, with shade provided by a interior colour matched screen, that rolls in and out of its storage at the front of the window.

On The Inside.
It’s a standard V40 interior bar a copper coloured Volvo V40 Cross Country front seatsoverlay on the upright console section, between driver and passenger. It’s a striking colour and draws the eye to the control section of the car. This vehicle was as standard as you can get, meaning very few, perhaps no options were fitted.Volvo V40 Cross Country rear seats
Colour wise, the seats and dash were black with the roof and pillar lining a shade of light grey-blue, giving an airy and comfortable feel to the office space.

On The Road.
The torque of the four banger works hand in hand with the AWD system fitted to the V40 Cross Country; with more traction comes more control and it’s subtly noticeable in the Cross Country. Volvo V40 Cross Country frontIt feels more grippy, more able, yet the suspension is a touch jiggly at times. It never feels that a wheel will lose contact, there’s simply a hint of not quite enough compliance to start.
In turns the Haldex AWD system simply powers through; tight roundabouts and the torque removes doubt about how the car will power through.The steering is Goldilocks right, not heavy, not light, with a good weight and communication from all four paws Volvo V40 Cross Country cargoseems there and ready to advise.
Overtaking is a thought process; like the Cross Country up, measure instinctively the gap and press the go pedal. The foreground disappears and the horizon becomes a momentary blur before warp drive is disengaged. Fun? Oh, my, yes.

The Wrap.
As mentioned, it was unexpected to sample the V40 Cross Country; in no way was this an issue as the AWD system and the torque made it, perhaps, the best drive of the three. At $52K plus, it may be a scary price for some, however…
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