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Basic Tips to Keep Your Car’s Paint in Top Condition

We’re not that far out from summer now, which means plenty of hot days – and the odd thunderstorm as well!

Perth is known for its dry, baking heat. The northern half of the country has a reputation for its humidity and tropic-like downpours. On the other hand, Sydney has a mix of heat and rain, while the likes of Melbourne, Hobart, and Adelaide are somewhat unpredictable.

Nonetheless, the change of seasons make it important to look after a car’s paintjob. Depending where you live, it could cause deeper issues with your car. Here’s a few tips that may help.


Protecting the Paintjob

Although it’s not always possible, a garage or carport is a great start to protect the paint on your car.

This is a great investment against the number one harm for a car’s paintjob, which is ultra-violet rays. These can fry the clear coat that cars rely on to seal the layers of paint underneath.

An added layer of protection can come from a car cover. This not only keeps the sunlight and UV off, it keeps dirt, dust, rain, and anything else at bay. These days you’ll find a number of these covers include vents that allow air flow, preventing moisture from building up mould, which could leave to mould or rust.

Washing Your Car

Washing a car the right way can go a long way towards looking after the paintjob.

Never wash the car in the heat of the day. Whenever possible, a morning wash is the best time to get the job done. This stops heat shock on the car’s metal and paint, and it also prevents water from drying too quickly, which could leave to spots on the paintwork and glass.

You will want to wash from the roof down as gravity pulls the dirty and clean water downwards so it doesn’t pool. Circular motions with a cloth aren’t recommended, use a straight pull from front to rear on the roof, bonnet, and boot, and downwards on the doors and fenders. This will go some way towards minimising the apperance of micro-scratches on the surface.

There are some products that are a spray-on foam. These work quite effectively by keeping the paint moist and lift away dirt particles as the foam expands upon contact. Clean micro-fibre cloths are required, but you’ll basically eliminate the prospect of scratching the paint.

Why is this important? Any opening to the paint below the clearcoats can lead to water and dirt getting in. If this transpires, it may lead to deteriorating paint on the surface as the clear coat is lifted, resulting in a dull or faded paintjob underneath.




Polishing Your Car

A good polishing method is vital to round things out. Again, a clean micro-fibre cloth is your best friend. Refrain from pressing hard onto the car’s surface, instead, let the polish do the work.

You will want to do this on a cooler day, not when the sun is bearing down. Regardless, each polishing product will have its own formulation and method of application, so follow the instructions to ensure the product does its job.