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Tail's Still Wagon.

It’s pretty much accepted that Australian ingenuity created the “ute”; what’s forgotten is the country’s love affair with the humble station wagon. It’s also overlooked at how many are still available.

First and foremost is the Holden Commodore Sportwagon. The Commodore has had a wagon for every model since the range was released wayyyyy back in 1978. With the release a couple of months ago of the VF, Holden took the somewhat unusual step of releasing all models at once, whereas previously the wagon was shown later. Unfortunately, there wasn’t funds to redevelop the wagon and ute rear.2013_holden_vf_calais_v_sportswagon_02-0219

Ford had a wagon version of the Falcon pretty much from the start; the Territory effectively killed that much to many fleet buyers annoyance whilst Toyota canned their Camry wagon when they released the Aurion whilst Mitsubishi never released a wagon version of the 380, the car that superseded the Magna. 2013 corolla wagonBUT, Ford has the Mondeo wagon, Toyota may yet re-release a Corolla wagon for Australia (shown overseas) and Mitsubishi had a Lancer wagon until 2007. Other brands have wagons too with various names such as Tourer, Estate or Shooting Brake, with BMW, Audi, Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz, Subaru, Mazda, Hyundai, Volvo, Volkswagen, Skoda and even Jaguar with their XF Sportbrake.



Skoda Superb wagonThere’s always been benefits of having a non-SUV load carrier, with the extra space for day to day tasks such as shopping but room for kids stuff like prams, bikes, even the humble family pooch. The exterior design has varied from blocky, to what looks like an add-on to the very stylish.

Unfortunately, with the rise of the SUV the demand for a low riding wagon is slowly dropping off here in Australia and in the US whilst remaining steady in the UK and European region. They’re useful, practical, better for many people than a SUV or sedan so consider that when next you go looking for something with practicality and room.