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New Wheels: What's On The Way For Australia.

Holden and Toyota have released details of what Australia can expect to see in the near future; Toyota with its rebodied and updated (for the interior) Camry whilst Holden has shown off the Euro sourced models, including the all wheel drive Insignia from Opel. Let’s take a look.2016 Toyota Camry group shot


It’s the Camry, but not as we know it. Key to the new model, which will be the final Australian built version, is a classy and assertive new look. Design hints have already been seen in the Corolla and Yaris, plus Toyota’s sports car arm, Lexus, with a familiar profile backed at either end with some knife sharp angles for tail and head light enclosures.

The profile looks almost unchanged from the outgoing model, viewed directly side on, however the tail light extends further into the rear quarter panel, not unlike a Lexus design from some years ago. The front end is more dramatic, with a sweeping design for the headlights starting from a teardrop before terminating in a blade like design.

Power from the 2.5L four is 133 kW in the Altise, with a dual exhaust system bumping it to 135 kW in the Atara range. If it’s grunt you want, it may be worth checking the Hybrids; an “Atkinson Cycle” 2.5L engine delivers 151 kW plus the electric motor adds in another 105 kWcamry 1One aspect of the front, which is sure to raise eyebrows and provoke discussion, is the whale shark mouth look the new air intake grilles have. Flanked, as they are, by forward leaning vertical LED driving lights, the sloping angles of the outermost parts may be a bit much for sensitive souls.

There’s seven models: Altise, Atara S, SX and SL, with sharper pricing, making it the cheapest  Camry for 18 years, for the American designed Camry, plus three hybrids. Locally, Toyota has sold over thirty thousand hybrids, more than the Prius range.

2015 Toyota Camry Pricing:

  • Altise petrol — $26,490 (down $4500) or $28,990 drive-away (d/a)
  • Altise hybrid — $30,490 (down $5000) or $32,990 d/a
  • Atara S petrol — $29,490 (down $4500) or $31,990 d/a
  • Atara S hybrid — $32,490 or $34,990 d/a
  • Atara SX petrol — $31,990 or $34,490 d/a
  • Atara SL petrol — $37,440 (down $2550) or $39,940 d/a
  • Atara SL hybrid — $40,440 (down $1050) or $42,90 d/a

There’s some new specs as well. The Altise cops seven airbags, a 6.1 inch touchscreen, 16 inch wheels, (hybrids then offers keyless entry and start), dual zone climate control and a full colour TFT info display for the driver. The Atara S gets 17 inch alloys, electric driver’s pew, twin exhaust and paddle shifters for the auto.Camry interior

The Atara SX gets 18 inch alloys with Bridgestone Turanza tyres, a heighted suspension and damper tune level and a more responsive steering rack. There’s leather accented seats and some body work. Finally, the Atara SL gets some tech with pre-crash and autonomous braking technology, active cruise control and lane departure alerting, plus blind spot monitor and rear cross traffic
Design wise, there’s not merely the proverbial raft of changes, there’s a container ship full, with more than 800 parts redesigned or reengineered under the watchful eye of American design studio, Calty. Only the roof has been untouched. A redesigned bonnet flows into a pronounced side crease, drawing the eyes from a more muscular front fender through the door handles before finishing over the rear lights, now fitted with LEDs.

Each variant gets their own wheels, with Altise staying on 16 inch wheels, the entry and mid range Atara getting 17’s whilst the top range Atara receives 18’s, a first for Camry.

Private Fleet’s Dave will bring you a review in late June.

Holden released details recently of the Insignia VXR, alongside the Cascada convertible and Astra GTC and VXR. Sourced from Germany’s Opel, the GTC (with GTC Sport) packs a 1.6L turbo with 125 kW/260 Nm for the auto whilst the manual Sport cops 147 kW/280 Nm. Some engineering for the front driven car’s suspension sees “a shortened spindle length and reduced kingpin inclination to prevent the torque steer so often seen in powerful front-wheel-drive cars. “
There’s sport’s oriented seats, with extra bolstering for the Sport, Holden’s MyLink entertainment system, satnav and 19 inch alloys.Astra VXR

The Astra VXR ups the ante, with a 2.0L powerhouse offering 206 kW and a monstrous 400 Newton metres of torque. To haul that in, there’s Brembo brakes up front. Also up front (and back) is Astra’s much vaunted FlexRide suspension tune, offering the discerning driver Standard, sport and VXR suspension tunes alongside engine mapping and steering changes. It’ll roll on 20 inch rims and cosset the front passengers with power bolstering in the seats alongside eight way adjustments.Cascada

The Cascada, formerly known as the Astra convertible, lobs with the 1.6L and auto, offers a folding, triple acoustic layered, roof that will close in 17 seconds whilst the car is in motion at speed up to 50 km/h and perforated leather seats for that luxury touch.

Holden quotes pricing as, excluding dealer delivery and government charges :

  • Astra GTC, manual                                                     $26,990
  • Astra GTC, automatic                                                 $29,190
  • Astra GTC Sport, manual                                           $29,990
  • Astra GTC Sport, automatic                                       $32,190
  • Astra VXR, manual                                                     $39,990
  • Cascada, automatic                                                    $41,990
  • Cascada Launch Edition, automatic                           $44,990Astra GTC Sport

The Insignia VXR

This will shape up to be a hero model for Holden; all wheel drive, 2.8L turbocharged V6, Adaptive Cruise, Auto Emergency Braking, 239 kW and 435 Nm. Heated Recaro seats, eight inch touch screen, forward collison alert, side blind spot alert, lane change alert plus the Flex Ride Suspension.

Pricing will start at $51990 plus On Road Costs.Insignia VXR


  1. Brian Kennedy says:

    Information on new INSIGNA ..and release date

    May 13th, 2015 at 9:26 am


    since the price drop in japanese made cars Subaru etc now Toyota Camry when will we see a comparable price decrease in
    Toyota Landcruiser.

    May 13th, 2015 at 10:48 am

  3. Roger says:

    When will GMH stop treating us as Idiots. The Astra was a failure before it was withdrawn and doesn’t even come close to meeting the Australian needs. GMH lost the plot when they stopped producing here and are unlikely to ever be considered seriously by the Australian public again. Their recent offering with cheap american and Korean cars shows the contempt they hold us in

    May 13th, 2015 at 3:57 pm

  4. Murray Ravenhall says:

    Having had Commodore and Falcon fleet cars for 15 years, I can understand why they are out of favour. The warranty issues drove me nuts. Front brakes, radiators, diffs, trim issues and power steering pumps and racks! And we only kept them for 60,000! My Nissan Patrols over 30 years have never had a warranty claim and have only ever required scheduled servicing. Brakes have lasted 200,000+km. Never again the red lion or blue oval!

    May 13th, 2015 at 8:23 pm

  5. David says:

    Gee that Camry’s styling might not hit it off with the bowls brigade. Might be a hit with newer Australians though…

    May 14th, 2015 at 8:03 am