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Mercedes-Benz Provides A Ute With The X Factor.

Mercedes-Benz Vans announced the new X-Class ute will launch in Europe in November 2017 with Australia and South Africa to follow early in 2018, as well as Argentina and Brazil at the beginning of 2019.

Diane Tarr, the Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Vans Australia and New Zealand, said: “The high level of interest and anticipation in the lead up to revealing the new X-Class has been a reflection of just how engrained dual cab utes are in both the Australian and New Zealand culture. The fact is we love utes and we are showing a desire to incorporate this type of vehicle into our lives in more ways than we did in the past. Not just for work, but also increasingly for private use.

She also said: “The new X-Class finds the perfect balance between the stylish design expected of a Mercedes-Benz and the uncompromising robustness and functionality demanded of the category. As a result, with the X-Class, we can effectively provide a solution for trade and fleet customers, and we will find out just how far this category can evolve for private customers who need the vehicle to support their lifestyle.”

Mercedes-Benz X-Klasse – Exterieur, Kabaraschwarz metallic, Ausstattungslinie PURE // Mercedes-Benz X-Class – Exterior, kabara black metallic, design and equipment line PURE

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class has been specifically developed for the changing requirements of the ute market in mind. The demand for midsize utes with typical passenger car characteristics and comfort features has been steadily on the rise for years. At the same time, the number of utes for private use is increasing. They are no longer viewed purely as “workhorses”.

There are three design and equipment variants to choose from as well as four or six-cylinder engines, rear-wheel drive and engageable or permanent all-wheel drive, a six-speed manual transmission and a seven-speed automatic transmission. It consists of a ladder-type frame, rear multi-link solid axle, front independent wheel suspension and coil springs on both axles. There’s also vented discs front and rear.

Mercedes-Benz X-Klasse – Exterieur, Limonitgelb metallic, Ausstattungslinie PROGRESSIVE // Mercedes-Benz X-Class – Exterior, limonite yellow metallic, design and equipment line PROGRESSIVE

Built on this platform, the distinctive X-Class design is available in three model variants to suit different lifestyles and work environments. Named “Pure”, “Power”, and “Progressive” The Pure is aimed at the more workhouse style environment, whilst the Progressive is more upmarket and mixes a touch of luxury and family oriented usage along with the ruggedness of the Pure. The Power will aim at the high end driver and market, where style and performance along with comfort are of high importance.

Mercedes-Benz X-Klasse – Exterieur, Beringweiß metallic, Ausstattungslinie POWER // Mercedes-Benz X-Class – Exterior, bering white metallic, design and equipment line POWER

There’ll be tech in the form of Lane Keeping Assist, Traffic Sign Assist, and Active Brake Assist, plus M-B’s me Connect which allows owners to use their smartphones to track the vehicle’s location and even measure the fuel capacity without being in the vehicle.

Engines wise, select markets will see a 122 kilowatt petrol, a 2.2L diesel with 120 kW and a 2.5L diesel with 140 kW. Mercedes-Benz says there will be a 2.5L V6 diesel available in 2018 with 190 kilowatts.

Mercedes-Benz X-Klasse – Exterieur, Beringweiß metallic, Ausstattungslinie POWER, Hardtop und Side Bar (Mercedes-Benz Zubehör) // Mercedes-Benz X-Class – Exterior, bering white metallic, design and equipment line POWER, canopy and side bar (Mercedes-Benz accessories)

Deliveries to Australia are expected to start at the beginning of 2018 and pricing is yet to be confirmed.

With thanks to Mercedes-Benz for content.