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Jaguar Unveils The F-Pace At Frankfurt Motor Show

Iconic British brand, Jaguar, continues its renaissance with the public unveiling of its first SUV, the F-Pace, at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Not a brand to be reticent about showing off its new products, the car started its public career by breaking the world record for a car driving a loop-the-loop, with a height at an astonishing 19.08 metres. See the incredible feat here: Jaguar F-Pace record setting loopJaguar F-Pace RS SportTo quote Ian Callum, Jaguar’s head of design, “The Jaguar F-PACE is an SUV with the soul of a sports car.” This was proven, conclusively, with expert British stunt driver Terry Grant at the wheel of the F-Pace in its dramatic unveiling.

To commemorate the release of Jaguar’s first ever SUV, there will be an exclusive run of just 2000 “First Edition” models, with a choice of just two colours, Caesium Blue and Halcyon Gold, and two engines, the 3.0L supercharged petrol V6 provoking the road with a 280 kW/450 Nm output, or the outstanding 700 Nm diesel of the same capacity.Jaguar F-Pace tail light
F-Pace will also offer a 2.0L diesel, with 132 kW and a handy 430 Nm (1750 to 2500 rpm), a 3.0L V6 with a slightly detuned 250 kW with the weight of the F-Pace starting from just over 1800 kg with all variants being of an all wheel drive configuration.

Jaguar quotes a miserly 5.3L of diesel being sipped,in a combined drive cycle, for the entry diesel,from a 60 litre tank. It’ll see 100 kmh in under nine seconds on its way to a 208 kmh top speed. The higher torque diesel will be expecting a 66L tank, 241 kmh top speed and a 0-100 klick time of just over six seconds.
Moving to the 250 kW petrol and Jaguar quotes 5.8 seconds to 100, a 250 kmh top speed and a tick under 9.0L per 100 kms of 98 RON consumed from a 63L tank. The only change from the 280kW V6 is a 5.5 second 100 kmh time.Jaguar F-Pace profile

As one could guess, the F-Pace is loaded with technology. The AWD system employs a transfer case, with multi-plate wet clutch and chain drive, connected to the front axle setup. Normal drive sees all torque delivered to the rear but when called upon,will deliver a 50/50 split in 165 milliseconds. Jaguar says the front differential is the toughest and strongest of any seen in an AWD Jaguar, to the point that if the rear tyres were on polished ice, the system would still put enough torque through the front wheels to pull away, using only the front wheels.Jaguar F-Pace interior

Being seen more and more in off road capable vehicles is electronic programming to adapt to varying road surfaces; Jaguar has the ASR, Adaptive Surface Response, replacing the original Rain/Ice/Snow mode. With the parameters now expanded to cover almost any road or terrain surface, a driver will have a traction system covering light and greasy surfaces through to a measure of deep snow or gravel. Naturally, being a Jaguar, the program leaves the driving to the driver, by switching to the appropriate setting automatically and within four seconds.Jaguar F-Pace Portfolio interior

There’s a Torque Vectoring system, splitting torque between the driven wheels, to back up the ASR, a stereo camera system for the Autonomous Emergency Braking, a 12.3 inch LCD “Virtual Instrument” display for the driver offering four themes and a 3D style navigation display. Lob in the aluminuim chassis, a 2847 mm wheelbase which provides plenty of interior room, an optional four zone climate control system, seat pockets designed specifically for smartphones (plus plenty of charging points), a centre console with a ten inch screen and 60GB solid state hard drive that come under the umbrella name of InControl Touch Pro (including access to Apple and Android devices), a built in wifi hotspot allowing up to eight devices to access, it’s clear that Jaguar isn’t about speed and good looks, there’s family friendly technology on board as well.

Take it for a drive and you’ll be onboard with the Integral Link suspension design; Jaguar have investigated and separated the loading on the suspension, with lateral and longitudinal components specifically engineered to deal with the individual loadings. Allowing softer bushes for the longitudinal loading allow excellent energy absorption and provide a smoother, more quiet ride. Castor stiffness is improved, providing better stability under braking. The steering was re-engineered, with an additional mounting point and by increasing the chassis’ rotational stiffness there’s more of the 22 inch diameter tyre contact patch holding on to the tarmac. Jaguar F-Pace LE S UrbanThe wheels themselves were specifically designed by the Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations division, alongside the 265/40 doughnuts.
Exterior design is pure, classic, Jaguar; from the J shaped LED driving lights, F-Type inspired haunches, tail lights and bonnet vents.Jaguar F-Pace headlight The bold, upright grille and bonnet bulge promise power, assertive attitude, adaptive LED headlights and a full five seater interior tell you immediately that this F-Pace is a Jaguar like no other.

For your first look at the brilliant new F-Pace, click here: Jaguar F-Pace


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