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Geneva Motor Show: What's New From Switzerland.

International car shows overseas can be a mixed bag, with some great design concepts and some odd ones. But they’re fantastic for the lovers and dreamers as companies like Pagani release updates or new models. With the Geneva show happening in the first week of March, there’s already been some teasers from a few makers…

Pagani have released an all new model of the tongue twistingingly named Huayra. Said to share no panels with the current model, the Huayra BC (BC coming from Pagani’s first ever customer, Benny Caiola), there’s very familiar styling to this road oriented supercar. With previous Pagani cars already garnering a reputation for performance and almost ostentatious interiors, the BC goes further in enhancing the performance record.

Let’s start with the engine. Never shy on power, the twin turbo 6.0L V12 from AMG has been further fettled, including a new exhasut to provide less back pressure. Power has been upped by 66 kW to an astounding 588 kW and torque moved to a truly amazing 1000 Newton metres. With a diet, work on the aero and active driving aids plus recalibrating the shift points of the seven speed auto, it’s expected the 1218 kilogram machine will see 100 kilometres an hour in under three seconds.

Pagai have also emphasised that the Huayra BC is more of road car without losing the predominantly track based aspect. Weight savings work has been performed on the suspension, which will add to the balance and handling of the already extremely competent chassis. It’s expected the new set up will weigh 25% less than the original Huarya’s suspension. Pagani-Huayra-BC1Even the brake callipers from Italian masters Brembo to bite into the carbon ceramic discs and the wheels (20 and 21 inch diameter) have been lightened. Plus, Pagani will offer 19 and 20 inch diameter wheels, lightened Pirelli P Zero tyres and the ability to hit 2G in corners for buyers. To cope with those that have more expectations of their talent than reality actually has gifted them, Pagani will fit a track mode for the stability control system.

Finally, the opulence level has been turned down from 11 in order to provide even further weight savings…not to mention the “oh my eyes, my eyes” sensation. Final figures will be released at the show.

Fans of the now defunct Top Gear UK with JC, RH and JM, will be familiar with another odd name, Gumpert. As exotic as the car seemed to be, it wasn’t enough to save the Gumpert name. However, the company was salvaged and renamed Apollo, in a nod to the former Gumpert Apollo vehicle (yes, my head is being done in too). The Apollo car set records at both Germany’s Nurburgring and at the TG test track at Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey.Gumpert Apollo

The revitalised car is now named the Apollo Arrow and is said to also pack in excess of 550 killerwatts. The original Apollo would see 200 kmh in just 9 seconds from the Audi sourced 4.2L V8, complete with twin turbos as well. Weight was just 1200 kilos.

Czech brand and VW owned offshoot, Skoda, is said to be offering something a little different for their forthcoming Octavia and Superb. Wireless smart phone charging is still not common place in the office or home however Skoda will be providing that as an option from April, for the European market. Wireless charging works by an induction process ( ) with brands such as Samsung, Motorola and LG, amongst others, able to do so. Apple handsets apparently require a special casing, at this stage.

Ford has unveiled a refreshed Kuga; sporting a facelift not unlike Hyundai’s Tucson with an elongated hexagonal grille and redesigned lower front bumper, Ford will also lob the Kuga the updated Sync3 infotainment system, new 17/18/19 inch wheels, a slightly redesigned rear diffuser, a power operated retractable towbar (!) and slimline headlights. A new 1.5L diesel powerplant will also be offered, replacing the older 2.0L, but will provide the same 88kW while offering 4.4L/100 kilometres. 2017 Ford KugaInside, there’ll be a new steering wheel, new aircon controls, a heated tiller for northern hemisphere clients, paddle shifts for the auto gearbox and will add in Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The more powerful 110kW and 132kW versions of the old 2.0-litre diesel live on, with the latter available with Ford’s new ‘Intelligent’ four-wheel drive that adds torque vectoring and curve control, which are said to help drivers who enter a bend too fast.

On the petrol side, the 1.5-litre turbo Ecoboost engine with either 88kW, 110kW or 134kW outputs carries over, with the 178kW 2.0-litre EcoBoost dropped from the range. Australia should find out more towards the end of 2016.

Private Fleet will bring you more once the show has been started and new info is at hand.