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RSPCA: Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Automobiles

Christmas time is fast approaching; a time for family, a time for giving, a time for happiness. As we delve into the devilishly delicious dinner laid down before us, everything in the world feels perfect. But what about those who do not enjoy the same luxuries? As we enjoy the familiar warmth of Christmas time, let us not forget those that must face the bitter chill of winter. There are those who must suffer at the hands of their masters.

Their suffering is not just for Christmas. Their suffering cannot be ignored.

Let them not suffer in silence forever; it is time to give our cars the voice they deserve.

How can we let this suffering continue?

How can we let this suffering continue?

Just the other day, my friend sent me this very photo that sits sadly above these words. There are places that are safe for the cars of this world, but it would appear that Croydon (SW London) is not one of those places. The once majestic Lambourghini, adorned in angelic white has been horrifically besmirched. Her great and powerful legs cruelly ripped away from her body. The sightings of such beautiful creatures are rare in this part of the world, and yet here you look upon the lifeless shell that once roamed so free with so many horses.

This was never going to end well..

This was never going to end well..

The pain and suffering caused to the ever endangered Lamborghini species will forever be caused by the oppressive and destructive nature of the human race. In this case however it seems more down to some horrible disease most commonly known as stupidity. The blame can go one of two ways in this case; either the driver of the Lamborghini was travelling way too fast down an urban street or the car pulling out did not check properly that the road was clear before setting off.

Here is the video of the incident, make up your own mind on this one: Aventador Crash – Moment of Impact

Are You F***ing Nuts?? 

This next video really does make me fear for my own safety on the road. Jeremy Clarkson once presented the statement that some people may have started to mate with vegetables. Well, after watching this next clip you may well start to believe it. Brake checking someone is dangerous enough on a small town road, let alone on a dual carriageway where high speeds cause fatal incidents.

This total arsewipe decided it would be utterly hilarious to come to a complete stop on the road, just to piss off the driver behind. What happens next, horrifying. The worst part is, that poor blue Peugeot will probably never again feel the freedom of the open road. Let us not also forget both other vehicles involved. The lives of 3 machines forever ruined.

I will leave this here, while I go and change my underwear: Idiot Brake Checks and Causes Accident 

The Pain of Winter

All those innocent cars, gone. Image Credit:

All those innocent cars, gone. Image Credit:

Winter is a dangerous time for the automobiles we cherish. Their owners suddenly begin to believe that they have become Colin McRae and that any road surface and any weather condition is no match for their superior driving skillz. And yes, the z is intentional.

Of course it is possible to drive in treacherous conditions such as snow, ice and decreased visibility. The problem is that one wrong move will not only cost you your dignity, but also your insurance bonus and maybe even your life. And think of the cars, all they are trying to do is serve their owners and do the best job they can.

The Ultimate Neglect

A sad, painful and lonely end to a once great life

A sad, painful and lonely end to a once great life

So please, if you can this Christmas, spare a thought for our faithful cars. No presents for the hard working. No warmth embrace of the relatives by the fire.

Without them, what would you do?

They need our love, they need our care.

But please remember, do not take them for granted. Let’s fight the oppression of the idiot, of the LAD trying to show off and the downright brainless.

Join the fight on Twitter @lewisglynn69

Have a good Christmas everyone, and please drive safe!

Peace and Love!