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5 Easy Ways to Ensure You Retain Your Certificate of Road Worthiness

There are countless things that can trip us up on the roads. From tax to the increase of fuel prices, it may sometimes feel like you need help to navigate your way through the minefield that is driving regulation. Australia is no different for other developed countries in they way we deal with road safety – and we have some of the best statistics in the world in terms of car safety. If your Certificate of Roadworthiness is due for renewing, here are 5 easy self-checks you can carry out ensure your car stays in perfect condition. But first….

What is the Certificate of Roadworthiness?

The Certificate of Roadworthiness is a check of the vehicle to ensure the major safety related items in the car are up to scratch.

Our page on roadworthiness certificates gives you a clear definition of what needs to be checked and how to go about doing so.

What Needs to be Monitored?

It must be remembered that the Certificate of Roadworthiness is not a check on the general condition or wear and tear of your vehicle – and often it’s only carried out periodically or when there is a change of ownership. There are some things you can do to make sure your Certificate of Roadworthiness is nothing to worry about…

Check Tires

Tires should be changed based on a visual check, but bear in mind that rubber can perish and you need to monitor your tire usage to ensure you changing them at regular intervals. Be sure also to check the condition of your spare tire.

Check for Corrosion

The structural integrity of your vehicle will be checked during the examination for your Certificate of Roadworthiness. Pay close attention to the underside of your car and the sills, wings and doors…check for any unusual signs of wear and make sure you

Make Sure you Have Screenwash!

Small things such as screenwash and the quality of your wipers will be checked during the test for the certificate of roadworthiness, so make sure they’re up to date. It saves a lot of hassle if you check before and get it topped up with screen wash solution…be sure also to check other small items in the car such as certain fixtures and fittings.

Are All the Bulbs Working?

It seems silly to fail a certificate of roadworthiness test in Australia for the sake of a few dollars to buy a new bulb. Even on modern vehicles bulbs fail regularly, so it goes without saying that you’ll need to keep up to date with all lights both external and internal to make sure your call flies through its certificate check.

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Certificate of Roadworthiness

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