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BTCC 2014: The Magnificent Seven

The rising of the sun was met with an air of tension. The sandy plains shifted their undulating mass across the vast empty landscape. The tumbleweed rolled effortlessly across the scene with a stereotypical ease. A wooden sign stands alone, existing in a state of decaying eternity. The letters upon the sign have long since lost their clarity, yet the message has been etched into the fabric of time. Alas, only the worthy may receive the ultimate gift of vision.

In the distance, the landscape was interrupted by the return of a long forgotten force; the force to shake the very foundations of the earth. Moving ever closer upon their trusty steeds, our heroes have answered the cries of the many. For between them, they have witnessed the passing of many moons, fought many battles and vanquished many foes. But for our battle-scarred cowboys, one final challenge remains. They must face their biggest test yet, apart from the startling number of clichés; they must face each other.

As they ride ever closer upon their mighty stallions, their identity springs forth into reality. Of these 7 great riders, not one was the same. They were linked only by their greatness. Each deserved his own introduction. For they are the Magnificent Seven; the titans that walk upon the soil of the earth.

We begin with the newly initiated member of the party. Sheriff Jordan proved his worth in the great events that have become known as the ‘Pirtek Times’. He stood independently against the dominant forces of his land, overcoming his foes one by one in ultimate glory. For his bravery and determination he was awarded the Sheriffs badge and will stand for the name and strength of all independents across the land.

As the dust of anticipation begins to settle, the figure of our second of our seven becomes visible. Feared among many, Commissioner Plato has become infamous across the land; he is never afraid to use brutal force to put those who oppose him back into line. The Commissioner is a battle hardened veteran of our story, but age merely focuses his powers.

The Commissioner is followed closely by a man whose rank is unknown, he is known only as ‘Flash’. His ascent to command has been swift. Little is known about the homeland of our hero, only that he hails from the vicious wilds of the northern territories. He holds position with the high ranking ‘Yuasa Party’ that has given the Honda region supremacy.

Never a forgotten man, Commander Turkington is a relative newcomer to the field of battle, but has very quickly earned himself a reputable status. On many occasions he has taken struggling bands of fighters and led through to glory. He refuses to lose his new found power.

These riders may ride as one, but the past is a cruel mistress; dark clouds form over the tranquillity of these freedom fighters. Superintendent Neal rides astride his stallion, towering above those who bask in his stature. A folk tale has been narrated for many generations across the land of the free; this is the tale of a titanic clash of power between the Superintendent and the Commissioner. Word has reached the ears of the many that these two lords of their land ride for glory once more. Will this end in the ultimate stand off?

He rides as a foreigner in these lands, but has been feared by those who dare challenge his dominance. Next we see Generale Giovanardi, commander of the forces from a distant land. He lust for power has seen the demise of many brave warriors. Only the foolish would dare challenge him.

And finally, a man rides with his Stetson pulled low, riding in the shadows. To the other riders in our company, this man was once only spoken about in hushed tones. Many thought him to be a forgotten icon of an ancient time; a time where giants rode across the desert sands, waging violent war on all that lay before them. He has returned to take back what he is. He has no rank, he has no captain, he just has his trusty steed. He is known, only as Menu.

Our weary band of travellers has ridden many miles across the burning sands, searching for but one thing. Ultimate power. After months of flight, they have found what they were searching for. Sitting alone in the desert sand, sits a sign; the sign is a seemingly forgotten remnant of an ancient power centre. As they approach, something begins to change. For our weary worthy travellers, the sign burns bright and points the way to journeys end…

‘Brands Hatch’

Everything has come down to this. The call has been answered. The greatest leaders of our time have come together. 7 riders. 1 prize. This will be the ultimate showdown.

This is the Magnificent Seven. Guns at the ready.

Let the games begin.

Image Credit: Stopwatch Hospitality
Image Credit: Stopwatch Hospitality

Thanks for this post goes to Stopwatch Hospitality who have always shown support to my articles I write for Private Fleet. This post was inspired by the picture you see above, created by Stopwatch Hospitality to celebrate just how exciting the 2014 BTCC championship will be. I am indeed aware that I recently published an article detailing a possible 8th driver, but until he is confirmed the number is fixed on seven. 

The British Touring Car Championship 2014 kicks off at Brands Hatch on 29th/30th March!

Stopwatch Hospitality are an amazing company that provide top-class hospitality at motorsport events. They are the first choice in hospitality for any motorsport fan!

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