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Holden Ute

Simple, low profile lines make the new Holden Ute appealing on the eye. A great range of engines power the Holden Ute, too - including an efficient LPG motor.

Model Update

One of the best utes that will make your business not just look good, but look great, is the Holden Ute.

Better looking than ever, the 2011 Holden Ute Series-II offers increased power, greater comfort and always that extra special fun drive.

Some of the new features available on the new Holden Ute are a touch screen infotainment system, five-star ANCAP safety and futuristic Bio-Ethanol technology.

Holden… Ute… Can you think of a name for a vehicle that can possibly be more Australian than that? I can’t. And the Holden Ute is quintessentially Australian – it’s an icon.

The Holden Ute has been around a long time (long enough for Ute to become a generic name for any pickup vehicle). And the latest Holden Ute – the Series-II – is just the latest in a long line of excellent, practical vehicles that combine rugged good looks, power and utility (which is what “ute” is short for).

So what’s the Holden Ute got to make it worthy of being part of the Ute legend? It’s certainly got the looks to suggest that it’s capable of mixing it with the best. Nobody could call this vehicle cute or sweet. Good looking, yes. Beautiful, maybe. Rugged… definitely yes. But cute… nah! This is a guy’s car through and through (not to say that a woman won’t want to drive it – on the contrary, all that strength and power has a certain appeal). And on the practical side, it’s got the aerodynamics to let it move freely, and that tray deck is there for a purpose…carrying things – which it does it well.

You’ve got some great model choices in the new Holden Ute Series-II range: The Omega lineup, and the Sports lineup. Nestled in the Holden Ute Omega are two solid, grunty drives. One uses the standard, award winning SIDI 3.0-litre V6 petrol, and the other uses the 3.6-litre LPG dual-fuel unit. Sportier looks go with the Holden Ute Sports packaging, and what you get here is the SV6 which uses the SIDI 3.6-litre V6 petrol, and the SS variants which use the very powerful V8 powerplant which is linked to the slick moving six-speed automatic transmission. All the Holden Utes have a clean, sporty design that sits low down for efficiency and handling prowess. The Holden Ute SS V being the top-drawer package with all the fun stuff and the complete sport body kit (e.g. the 19” alloy wheels, air dam and spoiler) It’s not far off being an HSV Maloo.

Having the choice of running your Ute on regular fuel or on LPG, makes the Omega LPG option a very sensible option – with LPG being the thriftier option, by far. Running the standard LPG 3.6-litre Alloytech DOHC engine, a decent 175 kW of power at 6500 revs is in the offering. Safety features for both the SIDI 3.0-litre V6 or LPG models are good, and they boast up-to-date features like an Electronic Stability Control system, which integrates the EBD, brake assist, traction control and ABS.

Interior-wise, the Omega embodiment of the Holden Ute has power windows, a CD player with an auxiliary input jack and steering wheel mounted audio controls. Outside, you’ll find a tray/deck which has a convenient polyurethane liner as standard. It is a deck you can pack a decent load onto – no probs!

Move to the Holden Ute SV6, and you have the more powerful SIDI 3.6-litre High Output Alloytech V6 motor which delivers 210 kW via a sweet six-speed auto. Sports suspension adds to a fantastic driving experience. On the inside, the gadgets have been taken up a notch from the Omega Holden Ute by including a sports instrument information display, a leather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel (it controls the information display as well as the audio system) and air-con. A touch-screen Holden-iQ System, 18-inch alloy wheels, sports front seats and driver-centric sports instrumentation completes the package.

Up things another notch to the SS, and the engine gets even bigger and even better: a 6.0 litre, petrol, Generation 4, Alloy V8 engine. This means that there’s power a-plenty: a maximum of 270 kW in the six-speed manual, to be precise (260 kW in the six-speed auto). And the torque figures are just as impressive: 530 for the manual and 517 in the auto at the 4400 rev level. This powerplant is surprisingly light, which makes for greater ease of handling. The SS variant of the Holden VE Ute adds an MP3-compatible CD system, integrated Bluetooth connectivity, sports seats.

So what’s left to fit into the top of the range Holden Ute SS V? It shares the V8 motor with the SS Holden Ute, but throws a few extra luxurious touches around the interior and exterior, such as a leather-faced sports seats, a 6.5 inch colour multifunction display screen, alloy faced pedals, the sports body kit, quad exhausts and a soft tonneau cover option. Is that enough for you? If not, you’ve got all the Holden Ute options to add in, such as roo bars, sat-nav, rear ladders, reverse parking sensors and roof rails – just to name a few.

Whether you’re after a practical work vehicle that will do the job in characteristic Aussie style, or whether you’re after a tough-looking performance vehicle for play, the Holden VE Ute has all your bases covered. It looks hot, can go like stink and, for what you get, is such a great buy for the money. Tow the float and carry the horse food at the same time!

The current model series includes the:

  • Holden Ute Omega
  • Holden Ute Omega LPG
  • Holden Ute SV6
  • Holden Ute SS
  • Holden Ute SS V

For anymore information on the Holden Ute, or for that matter any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181. If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!), we can submit vehicle quote requests out to our national network of Holden dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours. Private Fleet – car buying made easy!

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