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Holden Epica

Holden Epica

Model Update

Pleasant to drive, Holden have a winner with the 2010 Epica. People are on the look out for cars with smaller engines, and that is why some of the potential buyers are having a good long look at the Holden Epica.

A step down from the Holden Commodore, but every bit as stylish, the Holden Epica has nice comfortable seats, a roomy cabin, a quiet interior, and high standards of safety. Automatic headlamps, six airbags, MP3 compatibility, steering wheel mounted controls, a 480 litre boot and side mirror indicators are just some of the excellent features onboard the very satisfying Holden Epica.

Six-speed automatic gearboxes make the entire range a very relaxing drive.

If you ever thought that Holden was all about big, tough supercars and back-country vehicles, you’re wrong. The new Holden Epica is a medium sized car that represents a new look to join the Holden line-up.

The Holden Epica is all funky new lines with a hint of European class in its styling. Even the lights are classy, from the projector-style headlights to the ring-shaped tail-lights. And the class and refinement of the Holden Epica doesn’t end on the outside. A key feature of the Holden Epica’s design is the reduced engine vibration, which makes riding inside the car a surprisingly quiet experience.

Another key design feature of the Holden Epica is its fuel economy. In manual, the 2.0 litre 6-cylinder engine, with manual transmission (which you’ll find inside the Holden Epica CDX) can go through an average of only 8.2 litres per 100 km, while the 2.5 litre automatic (found in the sportier DCXi) consumes 9.3 litres per 100 km. Not bad for a car that’s capable of seating five in great comfort and without anyone being squashed in the back seat. And those fuel figures are especially good when you consider that the Holden Epica CDX has a maximum power output of 105 kW and a maximum torque of 195 Nm, and the Holden Epica CDXi can produce 115 kW of grunt and a more-than-respectable 237 Nm of torque. And did I mention that all this is quiet?

While the handling package isn’t quite as comprehensive as that found in the larger Holdens, the Holden Epica handles crisply and responsively. Gas shock absorbers and high-mounted rear multi-link suspension smoothes out all the little niggles in the road surface, and the power steering is nimble. Traction control, EBD and ABS brakes complete the handling design features, keeping the Holden Epica firmly glued onto the tarmac.

Safety is always a big consideration for the design team of any modern car. And the Holden Epica has all the safety features you should need (hopefully, of course, you will never need them, but just in case?). The dual front, side and curtain airbags are all there, with a sensor in the passenger side to prevent the airbags on this side from deploying if the driver is alone (or has all the passengers in the back seat). The collapsible steering column and crumple zones surrounding the safety cell ensure that none of the energy of the crash reaches the passengers, while the pyrotechnic pretensioner seatbelts with load limiters in the front keep the driver and passenger firmly inside this safety cell.Inside the Holden Epica, luxury is the name of the game. Ultra comfortable lumbar support keeps the driver well positioned throughout the drive, and the optional charcoal leather package available in the Holden Epica CDXi is simply stunning. The control panel is laid out for driver convenience, with the controls for the sound system (radio and MP3-compatible CD system, with room for six discs in the CDXi) handily mounted in the stylish steering wheel. Passenger convenience has been considered alongside driver comfort, with a grand total of four cupholders, and an illuminated vanity mirror with cover provided for driver and passenger (in the CDXi; the Holden Epica CDX’s mirrors don’t have covers or illumination, but they are there). Other creature comforts include the airconditioning system in the Holden Epica CDX and the sophisticated climate control inside the CDXi.

What with one thing and another, you would be forgiven for believing that the Holden Epica was a European car (if you didn’t see the badging on the leather-wrapped steering wheel of the CDXi). But no: the Holden Epica is a real class leader from Down Under.

Current model series include:

  • Holden Epica CDX 2.0
  • Holden Epica CDX 2.5
  • Holden Epica CDXi 2.5

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