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Holden Commodore LPG

Cleaner burning and on a par with petrol performance is Holden's Commodore LPG models. Nice cars, the SeriesII Commodore LPG models make great tourers. Big people like them, too.

Something has to have been brewing for a while behind closed doors at Holden. They will have been sure to have discussed the EcoLPi Falcon and wondered if they could do it similar to the blue oval. Great news is, Holden has now offered the new Series II Holden Commodore range with LPG running gear. So how have Holden faired in producing the big saloon with an LPG heartbeat.

To get the Holden Commodore to accommodate a smooth LPG performer, a few new bits needed to be added into the mix. New pistons raise the 3.6-litre engine’s compression to 12:2:1. The head and manifold have also been changed in their design to specifically burn LPG fuel. Another couple of features that the Holden Commodore LPG versions have are the lighter 6L45 auto gearbox and an aircraft grade aluminium LPG fuel tank.

How’s the Commodore’s performance, now? The Holden Commodore LPG unit puts out 180 kW through a six-speed automatic, and a healthy 320 Nm is found from a low 2000 rpm. Sitting on 225/SSR17 tyres, the big sedan gallops to 100 km/h, from a standstill, in around 8 seconds. This is grunty enough to bring smiles, and the Holden Commodore LPG cruises effortlessly at the country speed limits. Power is always ready for the big pull-out-and-pass manoeuvre. The performance figures are similar to the petrol equivalent in the Holden stable; however, it can’t quite match the power of the bigger Ford Falcon EcoLPi engine which boasts a 4.0-litre capacity.

On the road, the Holden Commodore LPG versions ride superbly and have plenty of grip should you heat up the tyres through the S-bends. In the right situation the big Commodore LPG versions can be given the reins to run on to a fast top speed of around 220 km/h.

A lovely Commodore interior boasts leather seats in the Berlina and SV6 models. The seats envelop their occupants beautifully. Boot space is a handy 486 litres in the sedan and leg space for the big boys is premium. These are great cars for the long haul, so touring in a Holden Commodore LPG sedan or Sportwagon is relaxed and effortless. Featured in the centre dash is a touch screen for accessing your CD collection, iPod details, contacts for your phone and Bluetooth controls. Satellite navigation and a multimedia audio system are modern features to make any journey fun and enjoyable. And, like the Falcon, you’ll love the Series II Commodore’s clean, sophisticated interior that is easy on the eye and uncluttered. In this context, big is good.

The Series II Holden Commodore LPG versions have five-star safety. The large body shell is made of strengthened steel, boasts six airbags (minimum), uses electronic stability control, ABS and Park Assist to aid the driver, and holds a first rate body rigidity.

So which of the Series II Holden Commodores have the option of the LPG engine? Three spec levels: the base model Omega, the Berlina and the SV6 use the LPG engine as one of the motors to power the Sedan and Sportwagon options.

Go green and support the sustainability of the environment by running your Commodore on LPG. With LPG, smoke emissions and fuel use are reduced over their petrol equivalent but hydrocarbon emissions are increased. An advantage of LPG fuel is that it is non-toxic, non-corrosive and free of tetra-ethyl lead or any additives. It also burns more cleanly than petrol and is especially free of particulates.

The current Series II Holden Commodore LPG models include the:

  • Omega LPG sedan
  • Omega LPG Sportwagon
  • Berlina LPG sedan
  • Berlina LPG Sportwagon
  • SV6 LPG sedan
  • SV6 LPG Sportwagon

For any more information on the Holden Commodore LPG models or, for that matter, any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181. If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!), we can submit vehicle quote requests out to our national network of Holden dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours. Private Fleet – car buying made easy!

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