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Holden Tigra

Holden Tigra

Fancy a bit of topless fun? The little Holden Tigra is only a two-seater but packs an awful lot of punch into a little car. Let the games begin?

Built for pure fun, the Barina SRi-spec 1.8 litre engine is a zippy little unit, offering 92 kW at 6000 rpm. OK, torque isn’t huge at only 165 Nm at 4600 rpm, but go figure this: a small car weighs less so needs less grunt to throw it around (remember high school physics?). This let-your-hair-down beast still makes 100 km/hour in about 10 seconds. It’s a five-speed manual, so if you enjoy taking full control of the gears for having fun, the Holden Tigra may be the one for you. When pushed hard in tight corners, understeer is all that’s noticeable. And sitting on its standard 205/50 16″ Dunlops, it remains well pegged to the road.

Sitting inside the Holden Tigra cabriolet, you can’t help but feel a bit special. Not only will all eyes be on you, but the cabin is pleasantly sculptured and has a high quality feel to it. The attractive instrument panel and centre console is nicely finished in silvertone, giving the little Holden Tigra a pleasant and sporty feel. And from the outside, you can’t help but notice the large lion situated underneath the high brake light and between the superbly shaped rear lights on the Holden Tigra’s gorgeous back end. The sculptured silver roll bars are designed as an integral part of the harmonious lines and flow of the Holden Tigra.

So how does the Holden Tigra take its top off? Very neatly, for starters. The Holden Tigra’s roof has an electro-hydraulic folding mechanism. Incidentally, the roof is made of steel, giving a bit more safety than a regular soft-top. Dropping the roof is hassle-free and is made possible by releasing a pair of windscreen frame latches and lifting a switch on the driver’s door. In eighteen seconds, the roof has vanished into half the available boot space. With its low slung windshield and the side windows up, the little Holden Tigra is snug and air turbulence with the top down is unlikely to ruffle your hair too much.

You and your lucky passenger can enjoy hours of driving pleasure in seats that are figure-hugging and comfortable. The audio system offers plenty of snap but not crackle or pop (except for pop music), and can easily be turned up without distortion, particularly the CD unit. The windows are electric and the small steering wheel fits snugly into your hand. Cruise control makes your drive in the Holden Tigra relaxing. The air conditioning can help you stay ice-cool in the full heat of summer. The headlights pop off automatically when the engine turns off, so no more leaving lights on and coming back to a flat battery.

The snazzy Holden Tigra isn’t soft on safety but it will be soft on you in a crash thanks to the four airbags front and side. ABS is standard, as is brake assist. And there’s a warning light that switches on if you’re not belted in. The four wheel disc brakes bring the Holden Tigra to a sure and swift stop.

The Holden Tigra can be locked up easily and security is aided by the driver door entry isolation feature. An immobiliser is also fitted, which is important if you own something as desirable as the Holden Tigra.

Maybe this isn’t a family car or a people-hauler. But the Holden Tigra is a whole lot of fun. And isn’t that one of the joys of motoring?

Current model series include:

  • Holden Tigra 1.8

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