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Commodore Comfort

The Holden Commodore Comfort line-up boasts three fine cars that will carry people and luggage effortlessly from A to B.

New Holden Commodore II models are spacious and as comfortable as you want them to be. There is plenty of model choice and power. Holden Commodore Comfort models are exceptionally nice cars to travel in, providing safe, technologically advanced luxury in a well thought out package that is cleverly designed forward in its thinking.

The Holden Commodore Comfort line-up provides good levels of luxury. Holden Commodore Berlina models have a few extra features that the Commodore Omega doesn’t. For instance, a plush cloth trim with a four-way adjustable driver’s seat is the nice level of luxury that you’ll find in the Omega models. If you had a look inside the Commodore Berlina, you’ll note that the driver’s seat is still four-way adjustable but comes with cloth trim seats with Sportec bolstering. Berlina models also have leather trim as an option. Holden Commodore Equipe models are leather and veneered so, though the Equipe comes with leather seats and one or two other extras, the jump from what I would consider economy (Omega) to business class (Equipe) isn’t all that great.

Sit inside one of the cars from the Holden Commodore Comfort line-up, and you’ll find that space inside the cabin is excellent. There is plenty of room for five big adults. Holden’s iQ infotainment/audio system provides audio and visual clarity. With a useful 496 litres of boot space (486 litres in LPG models), the bass sound for the rear speakers makes for great sound system entertainment. Pumping out your favourite songs in a Holden Commodore Series II is fun. Speaking of space and volume, the Holden Commodore Comfort range is well equipped with useful storage compartments about the cabin. A generous glove-box, and holders for bottles and cups, makes this a practical big sedan. Dual-zone climate control cleverly separates the front and rear areas from each other to better cater for temperature preference amongst Commodore Berlina and Omega travellers. Electric windows, remote central locking and cruise control are standard features. Buy a Commodore Equipe, and 18-inch alloys, leather everything,

The modern driver demands that their vehicle has a high level of safety. All cars in the Holden Commodore Comfort range have a complete list of safety equipment that has helped earn the Commodore Series II a five-star safety result in the ANCAP crash testing. Driver and front passengers have an audible and visual seatbelt warning feature. Load limiters and pyrotechnic pre-tensioners, dual-stage front airbags for driver and passenger, side impact airbags and curtain airbags for driver and passenger are standard features on the front seats. Rear seat child restraint anchor points are provided.

Drive down the road in a Holden Commodore series II, and you’ll be impressed with the way the big sedan offers a supple, well controlled suspension that can cope with cumbersome country back roads. ESC, EBD, ABS and TCS are all dynamic features that are standard on the Comfort line of Commodore Series II cars.

Equipe, Berlina and Omega offer strong engines for towing caravans and trailers. Two units are available: a 3.0-litre petrol and 3.6-litre LPG. The LPG Vapour Injection has twin knock control sensors with individual high compression cylinder adaptive control. Output for the 3.0-litre petrol is 190 kW and torque is a useful 290 Nm. Move to the LPG alternative, and you’ll find that the 180 kW and 320 Nm is a nice blend of power in motion. Linked to a smooth six-speed auto with an Active Select feature, the Omega/Berlina/Equipe experience is one of responsive, smooth power. Out-and-out performance is for the HSV lovers, anyway.

The Holden Commodore Comfort line-up boasts two fine cars that will carry people and luggage effortlessly from A to B. With excellent safety and high-tech gadgetry, I’m impressed with the Omega and Berlina cars which offer big car assets with minimal downsides. If you love leather and fat wheels, then the Commodore Equipe is the one for you.

The current Holden Commodore Comfort models include the:

  • Omega
  • Berlina
  • Equipe

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