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2020 Corvette Stingray

2020 Corvette Stingray

Finding you the latest cars and loving it; do I have something for you!  Holden are presenting in their showrooms the latest 8th Generation Corvette Stingray.  A true ‘supercar’ in every sense of the word, the 2020 Corvette is something very special.  Up-to-date with the latest features, boasting a monster engine and making short work of any road, the latest Corvette is super quick and super stunning.

Climb down and into the low-slung Corvette, and instantly the driving experience becomes purposeful and designed for speed.  The wrap-around cockpit is exciting and luxurious with a nice, clear digital driver’s display and HD central touchscreen prominently in view.  You sit snugly behind the steering wheel in superbly supportive leather racing seats.  This powerful new Corvette is equipped with a serious command control center for the serious driver.  Boasting the latest Infotainment systems with an 8-inch diagonal colour touch-screen with a new ‘Performance Data Recorder’ and a Colour Head-Up Display, this is a car honed for the driving enthusiast.  The latest Performance Data Recorder offers 1080p recording that provides a high-quality reproduction of your drive out on the track.

2020 Corvette Stingray

The Corvette’s performance is scintillatingly quick, and set in the middle of the car (mid-engine) the 6.2-liter LT2 V8 throbs on idle and snarls wickedly when opened up.  This is the first production-made mid-engine Corvette ever and it’s blessed with 370 kW of raw power and close to 640 Nm of torque to drive the wheels via a slick 8-speed, twin-clutch automatic transmission.  Flicking the new Corvette manually through the gears is delightful thanks to the steering wheel mounted paddle shifters it’s very easy and rewarding.  The 2020 Corvette can dash through the 0-100 km/h sprint in three seconds!  When Sport or Sport+ modes are engaged, the Corvette becomes a track weapon.

Some nice cool features found in the new 2020 Corvette are the premium digital HD displays, a rectangular steering wheel, control buttons on the centre console and even a boot space capable of carrying two sets of golf clubs.  And what a way to arrive at your local golf course!  If there are any large humps in the road, a special feature allows the front of the car to be raised high enough to drive over the bump in the road, and this is done in just a few seconds at the touch of a button.

The new aluminium chassis features the use of coil-over shocks but it also has the ability to raise the nose 2-inches for speed bumps.  Whenever the nose is raised, the system prompts the driver to ask if the location should be stored in the navigation, so the car will automatically raise its nose at that location the next time around (at speeds up to 24 mph).  This handy feature can store up to 1,000 locations and is a relatively cheap option, considering the needless damage that might occur otherwise.

Offered in a coupe or hardtop convertible body style, the 2020 Corvette coupe retains a removable roof panel for open-top motoring.  The rear engine cover features a 3.22 mm-thick (0.12 inch) glass window to show off the magnificent engine.  With the new car housing the engine between the axles, it has definitely invited a freer hand when it comes to the car’s latest design flair.  The Corvette Stingray has a slightly longer nose than other cars using a similar layout.  These proportions, along with its signature styling cues, sharply creased lines, split front intakes, the double roof bubble and horizontal taillights maintains a strong visual impact for onlookers from any angle.  What a looker!

A claimed top speed of over 310 km/h ensures that this set of wheels remains confidently in control.  Yet amazingly, when compared to other exotic supercars, the Corvette is an exceptionally good deal.  Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi and Porsche equivalents are much dearer to buy.

The 2020 Corvette Stingray models include the Stingray with various additional options.

2020 Corvette Stingray Convertible

For any more information on the new Corvette or, for that matter, any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181.  If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!), we can submit vehicle quote requests out to our national network of Holden/Corvette dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours.  Private Fleet – car buying made easy!