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2018 Astra Sportwagon

2018 Holden Astra Sportwagon

Holden’s Astra Sportwagon is an elegant choice for those looking for a fresh and safe new mid-size wagon.  From every angle the 2018 Holden Astra Sportwagon makes a classy statement with angular lines ready for piercing the airwaves.  Nice DRLs accentuate the flowing sporty wagon lines and a nice set of alloys is a given.

Particularly neat and eye-catching is the front-end design that incorporates a slim-line approach to its aerodynamics.  Large endearing headlights offer excellent lighting for dark, unlit roads at night, and the narrow bumper design is sleek and air-piercing.  Bucking the trend of chunky new cars which often have a weighted front end – at least in design, the new Holden Astra models are sleek in comparison.

Boasting five-star safety credentials, from the A-pillar to the nose tip the 2018 Astra has been strengthened for better safety cage stability in the event of a nasty collision.  Strong side protection is also present and the sturdy Astra’s excellent crash testing results leads the charge with premium safety features that include side and curtain airbags, forward collision alert systems, heads-up display, emergency braking, stability control and cruise control.

2018 Holden Astra Sportwagon

2018 Holden Astra Sportwagon

One of the first impressions one gets when climbing aboard the Astra Sportwagon is that the car has plenty of room for all occupants in what are comfortable and supportive seats.  Folding the rear seats flat opens up a big cargo space that can carry as much as 1630 litres if the standard 540 litres with rear seats up isn’t enough.  Striking and modern fabric patterns have pleasant detailing and in the cloth material the car’s warm and comfortable feel is accentuated.  Luxury models are equipped with full leather seats and seat heating functions.  Incidentally, the new Holden Astra Sportwagon adds convenience to your ride with Passive Entry and Push Start (PEPS) which unlocks your car and starts the engine, without you having to take keys out of your bag or pocket.

2018 Holden Astra Sportwagon

Other nice practical features include the front console power socket, a rear seat power outlet, cup holders, satellite navigation, load tie down hooks, Holden’s special Astra Sportwagon tow kit and a luggage compartment cover.

The 2018 Astra dash has a nice and trim appearance, not looking overweight or cluttered, and the Astra Sportwagon has many modern technological features for both informative and entertaining functions.  With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard feature for all models, the Astra Sportwagon helps you stay connected and relaxed on any journey long or short.  Get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and listen to music – all at the same time as staying fully focused on the road ahead while driving.  The central dash 7-inch touch display screen links with the rear view camera and provides a great view out the back of the vehicle when reverse gear is selected – making parking and tight manoeuvres a breeze.  Holden has given both the Sportwagon models Enhanced Voice Control for initiating phone calls, selecting radio stations, operating built-in apps, playing music from your compatible smartphone, MP3 player or a music-loaded flash drive where all audio is played through its grunty six-speaker sound system.

Out on the road, the new Holden Astra Sportwagon handles very decisively and is a joy to drive.  Grip levels are really good and the car remains stable and connected to the road for spirited driving.  A nice connection between engine and transmission makes for smooth, peppy performance.  Both the LS+ and the LT get the responsive 1.4 Turbo motor that has impressive kick-down acceleration through the slick six-speed automatic gearbox.

The 2018 Holden Astra Sportwagon is one of the nicer looking mid-size wagons on the market, so make sure you check it out before making your final purchase decision on a new station wagon.  Holden have taken what is a modern Opel and made it their own with various tweaks in the suspension to suit Australian roads, nicely trimmed interiors and some cool interior technology like MyLink.

2018 Holden Astra Sportwagon

The 2018 Holden Astra Sportwagon model series includes the:

  • Astra Sportwagon LS+
  • Astra Sportwagon LT

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