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Holden Caprice

Holden Caprice combines elegance, sportiness and luxury into a very nice drive.

Model Update

Holden have provided a few extra goodies to the already loaded Holden Caprice. This is the car you want to be seen in if the HSV models are a little to in your face. All the power is there; the Caprice is just a wolf in sheep’s clothing, where as an HSV is a wolf in wolf’s clothing.

The very nice Holden infotainment system means that you can access your CD collection, your ipod, the satellite navigation and your contacts for the hands free Bluetooth communications system. Rear parking sensors work with the visual display on your indash infotainment screen to help guide you in parking and when backing in tight spaces.

Five star ANCAP safety, and Holden’s dedication to Bio-ethanol fuelled cars, and we have an exciting future for what is one of the nicer luxury cars to be driving in 2011.

Why did Holden name one of their better luxury sports sedans the Caprice? This is what’s on offer in the dictionary: Caprice (n) (1) Change of mind, fancy. (2) A work of sportive fancy in art. (Derived from Latin capro goat). Related words include “capriole” (a very difficult movement performed by horses) and “Capricorn”. What was Holden thinking?

The first word that jumps out in the dictionary definition of “caprice” is the term “sportive”. And the Holden Caprice certainly is a sporty vehicle. Beneath the sophisticated lines of the bonnet lies either a V8 or V6 engine, the V8 being the standard powerhouse of the Holden Caprice. This 6.0 litre monster is capable of delivering 270 kW of power as its maximum (at 5700 rpm) and an incredible 530 Nm of torque at 4400 rpm. This output sees the Holden Caprice flying to 0-100 in 6.6 seconds. And all this power is yours to dictate to with your right foot and the automatic transmission.

On the road, the Holden Caprice is as sure-footed as a mountain goat and is able to undertake manoeuvres as sophisticated as the capriole. The state-of-the art traction control, which is part of the very comprehensive electronic stability program, gives magnetic road-handling and agility. The sports luxury suspension comprises Holden’s Linear Control Suspension technology and gives a firm, crisp ride that provides excellent handling and feedback. Limited slip differential is available as an option.

Fancy? Used as an adjective, this is an understatement when applied to the Holden Caprice. The interior features are as good as they come. Most notable among these is the multifunction display. This might not seem like much, but this 6.5 inch colour LCD screen keeps you in command of the air conditioning, the sound system and the trip computer. This screen also links in with the DVD player when the vehicle is stationary, although the DVD can be played over dual screens unseen by the driver while the Holden Caprice is on the move. The air-conditioning has three zones, which is a step above your average system, and the trip computer performs a range of functions, including giving an answer in both distance and time terms to the eternal question “Are we there yet?”. The sound system inside the Holden Caprice, as you would expect, is magnificent, featuring a combined 220 W of Bose speakers – with speed sensitive volume – and a 6-disc MP3 compatible CD system. Satellite navigation is available as an option (with full colour mapping) and Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity is standard in the Holden Caprice. Other interior conveniences include the heavenly 10-way adjustable leather-upholstered front seats with lumbar support and the auxiliary power sockets located in the central console and the boot.

And the Holden Caprice is certainly a “work of art”. The sleek wedge-shaped silhouette gives an air of drive and purpose when viewed from the side. Looking the Holden Caprice front on, your eye will be drawn by the powerful nose and the jewel-like twin bi-xenon headlights. The 18″ ten-spoke alloy wheels are beautifully designed and complement all eight colours in the Holden Caprice palette. All that the other drivers will see, however, will be the quad exhaust at the back and some very nice but rapidly vanishing tail lights.

In spite of the “Capricorn” connection, you won’t have to trust to fate for your safety inside the Holden Caprice. You name the safety feature; the Holden Caprice has got it. Side, curtain and front airbags, pretensioner seatbelts with load limiters, active head restraints – the Holden Caprice has them all, as well as a computerised system to unlock the doors, turn off the engine, cut the fuel and turn on the hazard lights if the pyrotechnic pretensioners deploy.

Maybe the “Capricorn” link is meant to show that the Holden Caprice is a true star in its class. And it surely is. Go ahead – a little bit of what you fancy might do you good.

Current model series include:

  • Holden Caprice SIDI V6
  • Holden Caprice V8

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