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Mazda6 Wagon

Striking looks and top engines, give the Mazda6 Wagon the jump on rivals.

Mazda6 strikes again with the provision of a wagon body style. The enjoyment of driving a new Mazda6 is now boosted with the extra practicality of a comprehensive range of wagons in the 6 line-up. With exceptional advancements in technology, the brand new Mazda6 Wagon boasts things like electronic drive-by-wire throttle control, a SKYActiv automatic transmission and Lane Departure Warning functions (Atenza models only). So, taking a journey along the esplanade in a new Mazda6 wagon will be a special experience. The award winning new design has captured the heart of many around the globe and, certainly, the sleek lines, Maserati-like face and exceptional build quality sits well with many.

At an overall length of 4800 mm and with a cargo capacity with the seats down of a reasonable 1593 litres, the Mazda6 Wagon is in a league of its own. Honda, Nissan and Toyota don’t have any current worthy station wagon competitors to the Mazda6 Wagon, so except for the Hyundai i40 (4770 mm, 1719 litres), you need to turn to the Europeans to find anything decent. The Ford Mondeo (4830mm, 1865 litres), BMW 3 Series (4624 mm, 1500 litres), BMW 5 Series Touring (4907 mm, 1670 litres), Peugeot 508 Touring (4813 mm, 1817 litres) and the Volvo V70 (4823 mm, 1600 litres) are the closest options. If you look to the Ford Falcon wagon and the Holden Commodore Sportwagon then these are going to be cheaper than the high end Euros, as well as winners for their sheer size.

So why look to a new Mazda6 station wagon? Ride quality in the FWD Mazda6 Wagon is as good as the excellent engines that power them. A 2.5-litre, DOHC petrol engine with 138 kW and 250 Nm is available for the Sport, Touring, GT and Altenza models, while a superior 2.2-litre, DOHC Turbo-diesel with 129 kW and 420 Nm for the Touring, GT and Altenza variants is also available. I like the smoothness of the petrol engine, however the 420 Nm of torque available from as low as 2000 rpm equates to superb real-world driving experience. Both engine plants are very flexible units and offer good economy, on average: 6.6 litres/100 km petrol, and 5.4 litres/100 km diesel. They are just fun engines to drive, and if the outgoing Mazda6 models are anything to go by (I’m sure they are), then these power plants will be bulletproof. Chassis control and grip are off the top shelf for a FWD wagon. Few FWD cars offer the same level of feedback and composure on the road.

Not just the exterior of the Mazda6 Wagon looks good. Slip into the elegant interior and you'll be well looked after.

Inside, Mazda has inaugurated a high level of comfort and sophistication inside what is a classy interior. Air-conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity, 12 volt power outlets, cup holders, cruise control (radar cruise control in Altenza models), power windows, satellite navigation, leather seats in all except the Sport model and a premium Bose audio system with 11 speakers in all but the Sport model which has a six speaker audio system are some of the many features available across the entire Mazda6 wagon range.

With as much advanced technology having gone into the creation of the nice new Mazda6 wagon, there was no chance that Mazda were going to skimp on safety. A comprehensive safety list sets this up as a very secure mid-sized wagon to drive. Many Mazda owners love driving their cars, and, with the addition of the new Mazda6 Wagon, driver satisfaction looks to remain safe and sound.

The current Mazda6 Wagon models include the:

  • Sport
  • Touring
  • GT
  • Altenza
  • Touring Diesel
  • GT Diesel
  • Altenza Diesel

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