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2017 Mazda 2 Sedan

2017 Mazda 2 Sedan

Small sedans can sometimes be overlooked by potential buyers who like the look of a hatchback compared to that of a sedan.  Taking a look at the new Mazda 2 Sedan and it’s very obvious that this petite car has more space than you might imagine.  Having the ability to accommodate rear passengers with reasonable space and then carry a good haul of luggage in the boot, and you can see why the 2017 Mazda 2 Sedan will be liked by many discerning buyers.  Also, the car’s modern looks are quite aggregable to most – you’d have to say.

A snappy 1.5-litre petrol-fed engine pulls nice and strong with smooth performance and excellent fuel efficiency.  The DOHC – inline 4 is offered in both auto and manual variants.  Using 79 kW of power and having 139 Nm of torque; these figures might seem a little light on meat, but Mazda has ‘skyactiv’ technology in the mix and the throttle feel is flexible and responsive.  You won’t need to delve too deeply into your wallet, as the Mazda 2 Sedan is very happy to sip on the fuel to keep itself hydrated for the journey.  You’ll easily see around 5 litres/100 km being achievable for a combined driving cycle in this car.

Ingenious cabin storage and good space throughout the interior of the car means that four adults will be able to handle a lengthy journey in reasonable comfort -though rear seat passengers are pretty snug behind the front seats.  All models come with air-conditioning, auxiliary 12 volt power outlets, power windows, driver and passenger vanity mirrors, cruise control, a trip computer, front cup holders, bottle holders, and plenty of glovebox and door-bin storage.  Even Neo models get a four speaker audio system with an auxiliary input jack, a Bluetooth hands-free phone, an infotainment screen in the centre of the dash, steering wheel-mounted audio controls and USB-audio input ports for other music lists.

Compared to the small hatchback boot (less than 300 litres), the Mazda 2 Sedan can swallow up to 440 litres of stuff, so it should be more than adequate for most journeys about town.  But, if the country lanes are calling, the Mazda 2 will carry you out on a weekend away with little fuss.  Having been around since 2014, the general Mazda 2 design hasn’t changed all that much because the original was really well executed and liked by most.  This has meant that the 2017 Mazda 2 remains very similar in looks, though with the addition of a sedan design.  The sedan Mazda 2 is longer than the hatch – with its extra luggage capacity that the larger boot space provides.  A tidy effort by the designers has ensured that the new sedan looks great from all angles – remembering that the recent Mazda designs have collected plenty of awards.  The best thing is the addition of a boot hasn’t made the Mazda 2 look unbalanced and awkward.

Sitting in the cockpit, and the driving position has no quirks worth mentioning.  The front seats are comfortable, instrument cluster very up-to-date and in the GT model you get a really nice suede material on the seats and a fake leather stitched dash which looks really good.  For a car in this price bracket, the interior materials and trim look upmarket and better than most GT competitors, so it’s a win-win here.  Mazda 2 GT Sedans also get a pop up touch screen, six-speaker audio and smartphone connectivity.

2017 Mazda 2 Sedan

Safety in a Mazda 2 Sedan is excellent for such a small car.  There are a new suite of features offered on these new models which include rear cameras, parking sensors, Blind Spot monitoring (Maxx and GT models) and cruise control.

On the road, the Mazda 2 is a nice drive with good feedback, responsive steering, and a quiet interior.  The 2017 Mazda 2 has more sound muting material throughout the cabin and it also boasts an acoustic windscreen where sounds from outside are better blocked for a quieter and more refined ride inside the car.

For a little car that is nice and easy to drive, you’ll be hard to better the very good quality Mazda 2.  It now offers G-vectoring control for sharper handling through the corners so, even though the power is not huge, the overall driving experience is fun.  It’s only a small car but you are loaded with features and safety kit that you are unlikely to find in cars with the same price tag.  This one is pleasant, particularly in GT and Max guise.

2017 Mazda 2 Sedan

The current 2017 Mazda 2 Sedan models include the:

  • Mazda 2 Neo Sedan
  • Mazda 2 Max Sedan
  • Mazda 2 GT Sedan

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