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2023 Mazda CX-60

2023 Mazda CX-60

2023 is well underway, and Mazda have given us another option to ponder in their SUV model range.  The 2023 Mazda CX-60 is a brand new medium size SUV boasting five seats, and a powerful six-cylinder motor or plug-in hybrid for powering this stylish wagon.  The CX-60 pushes the performance and luxury boundary out to another level, and Mazda’s way of doing things is with excellence.  Mazda are making some great cars, and this one just builds on the legacy that the manufacturer is creating for itself.

Yes, there are a number of SUV models in Mazda’s line-up – but Mazda’s idea with the new CX-60 is that if you want a tad more space and luxury than the CX-5 provides but don’t need the seven seats that the bigger CX-8 or CX-9 have, then this is the one you’ll be likely to go for.  Open the CX-60’s electric tailgate, and you should be impressed with the amount of luggage space you’ll see behind the 2nd row.  The new CX-60 is 165 mm longer and 45 mm wider than the CX-5, so the boot of the new Mazda CX-60 swallows more gear, giving families a lot more room to throw in an extra bag or two, a sleeping bag, or even a pram onboard.  The boot is also a decent square shape with uniform sides, offering 570 litres of storage with the rear seats up or 1726 litres with the seats down.  This puts the new CX-60 ahead of the competition, because the Audi Q5, BMW X3, and Lexus NX offer quite a lot less luggage space.

2023 Mazda CX-60

Kicking off the 2023 Mazda CX-60range is the G40e Evolve AWD, and this model can be had for around the $65k mark – quite a good price all things considered.  Even this version gets the full leather seats and comes with multi-zone climate control.  Active cruise control, a digital radio, a heads-up display, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, wireless smartphone connection and charging – as well as a cable for charging, parking sensors, EBD, hill descent control, AWD, cameras all round, automatic headlights, GPS satellite navigation, electric windows, and a snazzy sent of 18-inch rims are just some of the nice features that come as standard.

There are no less than 9 models to choose from, so there really is something for everyone.  As you can see with the base model, the CX-60 doesn’t cut corners on luxury and comfort levels.  The top of the tree Azami models are exquisitely trimmed out and look amazing.  Electronic seats with heating/cooling options, special ambient interior lighting, a premium sound system, a sunroof, and 20-inch rims find their way inside these models.  The Mazda CX-60 also has facial recognition that restores your driver settings, including the position of the driver’s seat, steering wheel, head up display, side mirrors, and even the climate control and audio settings.  So, buy yourself a new CX-60, and the experience will be a sumptuous affair that remains enjoyable for even the longest journeys you may care to take.

Time for a fun fact: Mazda’s CX-60 is the most powerful production vehicle that Mazda has produced to date.

There are three engines offered.  One is a 6-cylinder 3.3-litre Turbo ULP motor that puts out 209 kW of power and 450 Nm of torque.  This motor uses a silky smooth 8-speed automatic gearbox, enables the CX-60 to scamper through the 0-100 km/h sprint in less than 7 seconds.  Quite impressive, and also very smooth, the 3.3 litre Turbo is a hybrid option and delivers impressively low fuel consumption.

Then there is the 3.3-litre Turbo Diesel motor that puts out 187 kW of power and 550 Nm of torque.  The 0-100 km/h sprint time for this one is a smidgeon over 7 seconds.  There is loads of torque for pulling a caravan or boat, and it operates smoothly and quietly throughout the engine revs.  The diesel CX-60 boasts a combined fuel consumption figure that’s as low as 4.9 litres/100 km at times.

The third powerplant is the 2.5-litre Premium Unleaded petrol Turbo hybrid that can put out a combined power output of 241 kW and impressive levels of torque.  The Mazda CX-60 with this powerplant can scamper through the 0-100 km/h dash in around 5.8 seconds.  Being a hybrid, Mazda rates this version capable of returning fuel economy figures as low as 2.1 litres/100 km at times.

2023 Mazda CX-60

Out on the road the Mazda CX-60 is an enjoyable SUV to drive.  Obviously, with plenty of grunt on tap, the CX-60 can scamper along effortlessly.  The ride is comfortable, and the roomy SUV sits on the road nicely.  AWD adds to the grip, particularly in the wet, and you’ll also find it handy when you end up deeper in the mud than you’d intended.

The 2023 CX-60 is Mazda’s first SUV to be available as a plug-in-hybrid (PHEV).  It is available in three specification levels and with the three powerplants to choose between.  Being longer and wider than a CX-5 there is more space for passengers in the back seats of a new CX-60, thus there is considerably more shoulder and leg room.

Would I buy one? You bet ya!  Would I recommend one?  You bet ya!

2023 Mazda CX-60

The current 2023 Mazda CX-60 models include the:

  • CX-60 G40e Evolve
  • CX-60 D50e Evolve
  • CX-60 G40e GT
  • CX-60 D50e GT
  • CX-60 P50e Evolve
  • CX-60 G40e Azami
  • CX-60 D50e Azami
  • CX-60 P50e GT
  • CX-60 P50e Azami

For any more information on the 2023 Mazda CX-60, or for that matter any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181. If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!) we can submit vehicle quote requests out to our national network of Mazda dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours. Private Fleet – car buying made easy!