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Mazda2 2015

Mazda2 2015

Mazda2 2015

New from the ground up is Mazda’s new Mazda2 brimming with all the latest SkyActiv technology.  Mazda has ensured that their favoured ‘Kodo’ design is flowing through the small car’s lines.  Never has Mazda manufactured such sleek looking cars that capture the imagination.  ‘Kodo’ design grasps the cheetah-like forward motion in the way each of their new models appear low in profile and ready to pounce.  Still cute, the new Mazda2 has much more of its bigger sibling shapes and cues in its design, technology and features.  As a sophisticated and comfortable small car, the Mazda2 is superb.

The Mazda2 competes with Suzuki Swift, Honda Jazz, Volkswagen Polo and Ford Fiesta for top spot.  As a stylish package the Mazda2 has to be at the top of the class, and right now I think it takes top spot, as it’s loaded with kit, has a classy interior, boasts brand new engines, new transmissions, and has that sleek body shape.  But let’s take a closer look.

Compared to its predecessor, the new Mazda2 is 160 mm longer and rides on a longer wheelbase.  Legroom in the rear is better, and a leggy adult can fit reasonably comfortably in the rear seats.  Luggage space with the rear seats in place is a useful 220 litres, without being exceptional.  Flip them down, and the space grows to 852 litres.  Height has also been gained by 25 mm in the new Mazda2’s roof height.  Nicely hidden in the flowing lines, this gain in height is not visually evident.  Overall, the Mazda2 is a sleek little beast, and roomy inside the cabin area.

Mazda2 Interior 2015

Mazda2 Interior 2015

Similar in spec to the Mazda3 cars, the Mazda2 is well endowed with technological gems.  What I like about the Mazda2 interior is that it still feels as nice as a larger model Mazda.  Comfort is still high on the priority list, and just because the car is the smallest in the line-up things like the seats, interior trim and surfaces still feel and look luxurious and stylish.  Lots of soft-to-the-touch surfaces and textures make it a class leader in terms of the Mazda2 boasting a quality cabin feel and experience.  In the centre of the Mazda2 dash is an interactive screen with many features and functions.  Having a number of the car’s functions accessible via the touch screen means that the car’s dash and centre console is simple and uncluttered.  Top marks go to the Mazda2 for the way in which it carries all the features in an “un-busy-like” fashion.  Premium Mazda2 models have beautifully crafted leather seats, a modern iPad display screen, a heads-up display and an array of interior trim colours.  Other great features like steering wheel controls, info displays, radar cruise control, blind spot warning systems, automatic emergency braking, satellite navigation, and hands-free communications are found nestled in the suave Mazda2.

Performance is sparkling in the superior new Mazda2 experience.  It’s out with the 4-speed auto, and in with the new six-speed automatic gearbox.  Economy and response is better, and it is very easy to whisk along at speeds that bring the attention of the ‘boys in blue’.  The radar cruise control is ideal for keeping yourself legal on any of the long straight roads.  The new Mazda2 line-up will likely retain three grades (Neo, Maxx and Genki), conventional auto and manual six-speed transmissions, and two versions of the 1.5-litre petrol four-cylinder engine called the V-P5 and the F-P5.  Only the 1.5-litre engines will be available, at least to start with, in Australia.  The new Mazda2 is made with a 1.3-litre petrol or 1.5-litre diesel engine in its home land. It remains to be seen whether these engine will make it to Australia.  That’s no real disappointment however, as the standard 1.5-litre engine is very responsive and remarkably economical.  This new engine is capable of up to 25 per cent better fuel economy than the current Mazda2 car, if you drive carefully.  On average, the new Mazda2 should return around 4.8 litres/100 km.  The 1.5 F-P5 engine boasts direct fuel injection, internal friction reduction, a high 13:1 compression, piston crowns with a combustion cavity and variable SVT cam timing.  It also comes with iStop engine stop/start technology for fuel savings in congested traffic.  With a maximum of 81 kW and 141 Nm, the small Mazda2 feels full of energy.  The V-P5 engine is a little cheaper to manufacture and boasts 76 kW and 135 Nm respectively.

Now with the new six-speed automatic transmission, Mazda drivers will enjoy the paddle shift and sequential mode on the selector stick.  The Mazda2 boasts two drive modes: normal and sport.  These two modes alter engine rev shift points to cater for two driving styles.  On the road, the new Mazda2 has even better ride and handling; the noise and vibration have been reduced further, while the steering feel is very well directed and precise.  Grip on the road is excellent, aided by driving aids that feature ESP, TC, ABS, EBD and BA.  All this adds up to the new Mazda2 being a class leader in performance and handling.

Arriving in November 2014, here is your heads up to get yourself into a fantastic small car: the all-new Mazda2.

The models are yet to be confirmed, though it looks likely that 3 Mazda2 equipment levels will be available.

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