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Jaguar XKR

Model Update

One of the biggest evolutionary changes has occurred at the heart of the Jaguar XKR. A new engine has sent the power output through the roof. Now capable of a scintillating 375 kW of Supercharged madness, this is a machine that goes as fast as it looks!

New interior developments have not only added more warmth to the big GT’s seating, but new technologies have kept it right up-to-date. Two grades of leather: Bond grain leather or Soft grain leather come in no less than seven choices of colour schemes and with seven veneers. The Jaguar Smart Key System features Keyless Start and Keyless Entry. The leather steering wheel houses thumb-operated switches on either side of the centre hub to operate the in-car entertainment system and the cruise control and Adaptive Cruise Control, if it is fitted. The steering wheel can also be specified to include heating.

The XKR is not only swift but safe. Things like active front Bi-Xenon headlights and updated parking sensors combine with all the latest active and passive safety features. But I will note you on one of the car’s delights. Yes…this car handles as good as you can get. And one of the reasons for this is the XKR’s awesome Active Differential – standard on XKR and XKR-S models. Superior asphalt and loose surface traction make this a very quick machine, indeed.

Like a stunning English model, the super swift, super stylish and super sexy Jaguar XKR has one of the hottest bods on four wheels! Ford has done Jaguar proud. The XKR designers captured the sensational E-Type exterior design and blended this with the modern essence of the old English charm that pampered and caressed occupants of the 1970’s XJ6.

The XKR is a sports car that is graceful, lavish, fashionable, and flawlessly crafted. Like the exterior, the interior is clean, modern, and brilliantly crafted. The interior boasts the finest in materials, and there is no doubt that bucket loads of meticulous attention and time have gone into the big cat’s fine detail. The old Jags had loads of leather and walnut. The new Jaguar XKR has the same old English luxury, with a new-fashioned flavour. Modern-day Aluminium or Poplar veneers present striking alternatives to the signature Burr Walnut. You need to choose between magnificent Warm Charcoal, Ivory or Caramel leather upholstery. Another choice you have is whether you opt for the optional twin-stitched soft-grain leather hide that sets the interior further apart.

The 2+2 cabin remains strongly driver-focussed. As the driver, you will enjoy a spacious and comfortable driving position, and yet you will remain in perfect harmony with the cars leading-edge sporty dynamics. In the supercharged XKR, the unique front seats have additional cornering support. The car also has bright metal pedals and a distinguishing ´R´brand-badging on the tachometer, gearshift lever, headrests and leather steering wheel. The same unblemished craftsmanship and touchable luxury run just as deep in the Convertible model.

Take a drive round town, and all eyes will be upon you in your magnificently proportioned Jaguar XKR. The car is so good to look at, particularly as the modern exterior lines are clean and purposeful. The XKR has a presence that is strong, athletic and very powerful. I love the twin bonnet louvres and quad exhaust tailpipes. The elegantly crafted headlights and distinctive front grille complement the side power vents and powerful rear haunches. Honestly, the car looks just as fast when it is parked at the curb then when it is punishing the corner apexes on the race track.

Fast – the XKR certainly is! The XKR is the epiphany of what a sports car and tourer should be. Most certainly, the performance that this car is capable of is enough to make the coolest of hearts race. This is because at the heart of the Jaguar XKR is the supercharged 5.0-litre V8 engine that features prominent air intakes and a variable inlet camshaft that works in phases to develop a massive 375 kW. The awesome engine has a peak torque figure of a sensational 625 Nm. Acceleration is simply breathtaking. The 0 to 100 km/h sprint is completed in just 4.8 seconds. The supercharger also ensures high levels of power, and torque, are available at all engine speeds. This is experienced via instant throttle response and outstanding mid-range acceleration. Power is put down on the road with immense levels of grip. Few cars can match the speed with which the Jaguar XKR can cover the ground.

You need not look anywhere else. The Jaguar XKR is the complete sports and touring car package.

Current model series include:

  • Jaguar XKR Coupe
  • Jaguar XKR Convertible

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