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Jaguar XJ LWB

Jaguar XJ LWB

Jaguar XJ LWB

It’s hard to believe the refined Jaguar XJ LWB versions can be so agile.  Their superlative handling makes them the preferred limo to drive when comfort and performance meet.  Jaguar’s LWB XJ sedans provide a wide variety of new technologies that keep them interesting and ahead of rivals.

Inside the new range of XJ cars is ample space, and when you experience the LWB models, the XJ becomes a limo where you can stretch out and relax in a beautifully crafted cabin designed to pamper and entertain.  Even the rear seats have their own table and DVD screens for ultimate luxury.

Jaguar XJ LWB Interior

Jaguar XJ LWB Interior

Most certainly the leather seats are some of the nicest found inside a premium luxury sedan.  The soft-grain leather faced seats are temperature monitored, electronically adjustable and beautifully shaped for the human body.  In the long wheelbase Jaguar XJ sedan, you have a metre of legroom in the rear seats.  A wide choice of colours, veneers and finishes allow you to create your own slice of luxury car heaven.  A 380 W Meridia Sound System provides one of the world’s best in-car entertainment systems, and the climate-air control has been designed specifically to cater for each XJ LWB occupant.

One usually buys a Jaguar knowing full well that these can light up the fast lane very quickly.  You will enjoy pure Jaguar performance in all XJ LWB models.  Even the 3.0-litre Diesel offers a new parallel sequential turbo-boosting system that provides instant power and response, while the fuel efficiency of the V6 Diesel is superb.  In years past, it would have been easy to connect a diesel engine with a lack of acceleration.  Not so now, and Jaguar have provided one of the best engines in its class, and engine that can propel the LWB XJ sedan from 0-100 km/h in just 6.4 seconds.  Get a load of the torque!  From 2000 rpm, a massive 600 Nm gets down and busy.  Creamy power delivery makes this version of the XJ LWB a sensational car to drive and, with all that torque, hills seem non-existent.  Having 600 Nm available from 2000 rpm means that the power is so strong for all occasions – whether you pull out and pass on the hills or require the pulling power for towing your pleasure craft.  Also, a hit for any car enthusiast, the 3.0 Diesel provides excellent fuel economy, returning around 6.5 litres/100 km for a combined run out on the motorway and through urban streets.

The 3.0-litre petrol alternative to the diesel is the very refined Jaguar 3.0-litre V6.  With a powerful 250 kW, this big Jag can still compete in the performance stakes.  It’s a silky engine, perfectly matched to the limousine-like ride and comfort.  Capable of hitting the limited 250 km/h speed limiter with ease, and expelling the 0-100 km/h sprint in around six seconds, the LWB XJ is an untouchable drive – one that has so much luxury and style.  Both the Diesel and Petrol Premium Luxury LWB XJ sedans are linked to the advanced eight-speed automatic.  Unlike Hollywood, this is a marriage made to last.  You’re going to love the refinement.

If you want even more sport, there is one other LWB model available.  Jaguar offers the XJ Supersport LWB with the potent 5.0-litre V8.  Poking out 375 kW, this model will whisk you to its top speed in no time at all – and in a world of quiet, composed luxury.

As you can imagine, Jaguar XJ LWB models are made for special people.  They aren’t cheap, but compared with Audi, Mercedes and BMW they are very well priced.  If you ask me, the striking XJ design with its awesome power and luxury leave it in a class of its own.  Lined up against its rivals, I think I’d be picking the Jaguar to be parked inside my garage at night.  It’s definitely got gorgeous looks that look a little more exotic than an Audi or BMW, and the modern blend of premium materials and tactility create a very special cabin to cruise the motorways in.

Definitely one of the best LWB luxury cars in the world: the Jaguar XJ Premium LWB sedan.

Current Jaguar XJ LWB models include the:

  • XJ Premium Luxury LWB 3.0 Diesel
  • XJ Premium Luxury LWB 3.0 Petrol
  • XJ Supersport LWB V8 Petrol

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