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Jaguar XJR

Jaguar XJR

Some cars are simply the stuff that dreams are made of. Cars that handle superbly, are pure luxury to sit in, look like works of art and have all the power and performance that modern technology can offer. Cars like the Jaguar XJR..

The Jaguar XJR is one of those cars that turns heads, whether it’s cruising on the open road or is parked at the kerb. And no wonder. The first things that catch the attention, apart from the long, low, lean bodyshape, are the jewel-like twin headlights. These are particularly eye-catching at night when the bi-xenon bulbs illuminate the road for a long way ahead. If you look closely at the sleek lines of the Jaguar XJR, you may detect a series of small round “dimples” in the bumper. These may look like a small aesthetic detail, designed to give the Jaguar XJR a touch of distinctive charm. But these little beauty spots are more than just that; these are the sensors for the Jaguar XJR’s brilliant parking assist system that beeps to warn the driver of unseen obstacles getting too close. The Jaguar XJR sits on 20″ inch alloy tyres that add a sporting touch to the classical lines of the body.

The bonnet of the Jaguar XJR is notable, and what lies beneath is just as good. This 4.2 litre supercharged V8 motor is what the manufacturers claim to be the “most powerful production engine ever built by Jaguar.” The figures say it all: 298 kW of power at 6100 rpm and 553 Nm of torque at 3500 rpm. Translate the power and torque to speed and acceleration, and you shouldn’t be surprised to discover that the Jaguar XJR can roar from 0-100 in 5.3 seconds and has had its speed limited to 250 km/hr. The Jaguar XJR achieves all this thanks to the supercharging system that cools and pressurises the air intake, thus increasing the power and torque by 30% from what the regular 4.2 litre V8 motor found inside other Jaguar XJ models achieves.

The other place that the Jaguar XJR is a step above others in the XJ range is in the interior. The handcrafted leather seats, the dual-zone air conditioning, the wood veneer and chrome finishes, and the Bluetooth mobile connectivity are standard to all XJ models, but the Jaguar XJR takes it a step further. Inside the Jaguar XJR, the first thing you’ll notice is the R logo on the gearstick (the Jaguar XJR has a six-speed automatic that has optional sports settings. It seems almost an insult to call this device a mere stick – a wand is more like it.). You’ll also notice the carefully contoured and heated seats that mould to your body (and do other clever things in the case of a crash to prevent whiplash), so you’ll be able to get that perfect combination of a warmed torso and core with a cool head. The Jaguar XJR has DVD based navigation as standard with a touch-sensitive display screen, and the Alpine Premium Sound system is, quite literally, music to the ears.

And of course, the Jaguar XJR cuts no corners when it comes to safety. Not only does it have seats designed to prevent whiplash, as mentioned above, the Jaguar XJR boasts the bodyshell design that combines front and rear impact absorbing zones with tough reinforcement where needed, has front, side and curtain airgbags that use the ARTS system to detect seat use and crash severity.

But it’s the handling and active safety features on the Jaguar XJR that will be most obvious. The dynamic stability control inside the Jaguar XJR will work hard to prevent oversteer and understeer even in the tightest of corners, and the ABS brakes with brake assist and traction control are everything they need to be to rein in the sheer power of the Jaguar XJR. And the self-levelling air suspension system makes any road smooth and comfortable, especially when this suspension system is coupled with the appropriately-named CATS (Computer Active Technology Suspension). To drive, the Jaguar XJR is “a thing of beauty and a joy forever.”

Maybe it’s time to not just dream about it but to make the dream of driving the Jaguar XJR a reality.

Current model series include:

  • Jaguar XJR Supercharged 4.2
  • Jaguar Super V8
  • Jaguar Super V8 LWB

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