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Jaguar S-Type

Jags are known for being something special that emit class and style, reflecting an owner that wants the best. The Jaguar, once driven, is very hard to let go of.

The interior of a Jaguar caresses and pampers the driver as the engine growls quietly beneath the sculptured bonnet. With colossal performance, the Jaguar stealthily covers roads with ease, comfort and oodles of acceleration.

The Jaguar S-Type is the most retro-styled Jaguar, beginning with the grille and legendary raked bonnet. The Jaguar S-type contains flowing lines and is sleekly profiled, engineered to please the eye and to cut cleanly through the air. It’s this capturing of the eye and the heart that keeps a Jaguar owner loyal.

The Jaguar S-Type handles superbly, as a car from one of Britain’s most illustrious and legendary car marques should. The dynamic stability control uses the ABS and traction control to rein in the car’s power, giving the driver superb control of the car by preventing understeer or oversteer through corners. This technology adjusts power and applies brakes to the appropriate wheels up to 3000 times a second, allowing grip and acceleration to be maintained, even where one wheel is on ice and the other on tarmac. This feature is standard on all Jaguar S-Types. The emergency brake assist can sense if a driver is not applying maximum braking and intervenes to deliver the additional force needed for those critical few extra metres’ stopping distance.

Airbags are standard on the Jaguar S-Type, as are the pretensioned seat belts. ARTS is a feature that analyses the severity of a crash and deploys the safety systems for optimum protection to any occupants. Jaguar claims that the analysis can all take place in an amazing one fifth of the time it takes to blink, making the Jaguar S-Type a very safe automobile. An energy-absorbent seating system incorporates anti-whiplash protection. Seatbelt pretensioners, front, side and curtain airbags, and impact absorbing crumple zones offer safety that’s second to none.

Inside the voluptuous cabin, luxury is everywhere apparent. No short cuts here. All Jaguar S-Type variants have hand crafted leather seats in a range of choices, with wood veneer or aluminium trim available. An automatic climate control system is designed to provide consistent comfort levels for Jaguar S-Type occupants. Pollen and odour filters are fitted as standard, and the system will intervene to keep the windows mist-free. Slip into the driver’s seat and the memory function will select your own personal comfort setting for steering column rake and tilt, seat position and exterior mirrors. The electronic parking brake will secure the Jaguar S-Type when parked up as soon as the engine is turned off. A premium sound system is one of the items that comes as standard, as are electric windows and central locking. Front and rear parking assist (standard on all Jaguar S-Type models except 3.0 LE, which has frontal parking assist only) use ultrasonic sensors in the bumpers to detect unseen obstacles, emitting beeps alert the driver to the remaining distance as the Jaguar S-Type gets closer to an obstacle; this feature deactivates at speeds above 15km/h. An innovative option at an extra cost is Bluetooth connectivity which brings the latest communications technology into the Jaguar S-Type cabin, providing hands-free mobile phone operation. The optional Satellite Navigation System is fully programmable with up to 20 preset destinations.

Enough of the pampering, though! Now for the boy talk. First of all, each Jaguar S-Type power plant is mated to an advanced electronic ZF six-speed automatic transmission that offers very smooth gear changes throughout the entire rev range. What engines are available? DOHC and electronically actuated twin turbochargers enable the lightweight 24-valve V6 diesel to deliver a thumping 435Nm of torque. The long flat torque curve means that 80% of the maximum torque is available from just 1,500rpm. Swift acceleration makes the diesel a joy to drive. The car has a top speed of 227kph and is able to bolt from 0-62 mph in 8.6 seconds. The next engine on the menu is the 179kW 3.0 litre V6. This sedan is no slouch and can catapult to 62 mph from standstill in just 7.9 seconds and on to a top speed of 233 kph. Be prepared to fly in the 4.2 litre Jaguar S-Type. The 250kph (limited) 32-valve V8 develops 224kW to sprint from 0-62 mph in just 6.5 seconds.

You thought that was pretty good? Well get a load of this: with 298kW of exhilarating acceleration, the awesome Jaguar S-Type R is a supercharged beast that will launch you from standstill to 62 mph in just 5.6 seconds and on to 250 kph (limited). A massive 553Nm at 3500rpm is ready to be let loose, enabling confident overtaking and relaxed high speed cruising.

The Jaguar S-Type will take your breath away. You have been warned.

Current model series include:

  • Jaguar S-Type LE 3.0
  • Jaguar S-Type Luxury 3.0
  • Jaguar S-Type Luxury 4.2
  • Jaguar S-Type Luxury Diesel 2.7
  • Jaguar S-Type R

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