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Hyundai Accent

Over ten years ago, Hyundai was manufacturing cars by buying up the right to make older version of larger car companies and then selling them at Hyundai’s budget price. This has been a successful enterprise that means that now Hyundai enjoys making some brilliant cars as a manufacturer in its own right. Among these cars is the Hyundai Accent.

The new model of Hyundai Accent has increased body stiffness and stability, and the new suspension design gives the Hyundai Accent a quality ride and handling package. The steering is nicely weighted and handling is tight. On the road, the ride is smooth and the suspension copes well with any road undulations. One nice aspect of the Hyundai Accent’s suspension is that road noise is muted in the cabin.

The small Hyundai Accent is nippy and economical. The Hyundai motor is responsive and can be pushed hard. The 1.6 litre motor has 84 kW at 6000 rpm and 154 Nm at 4500 rpm, making the Hyundai Accent a no-fuss, smooth and robust drive.

Standing at the kerbside, the Hyundai Accent holds a nice, unique design of its own. The deep waistline grooves give the Hyundai Accent a streamlined look and the teardrop exterior design is very aerodynamic. Large and shapely headlights are the stand-out feature on the minimalistic bonnet. Both three-door hatch and four-door sedan models come in a striking and beautiful range of colours.

One handy aspect of the Hyundai Accent is that if you only have limited amounts of money to spend on a new car, the new Hyundai Accent is one of the cheapest small cars available in the Australian market. In this case, cheap does not equal nasty. The reliable little Hyundai Accent has many features that will spoil its occupants. Coming with five-speed manual or four-speed automatic, each model in the Hyundai Accent range, hatch or sedan, also comes with driver and front passenger airbags. The front seat belts have pretensioners and the engine has an immobilizer. The keyless entry is a delightfully handy and practical. Every Hyundai Accent comes with central locking, front powered windows and a tilt adjustable steering wheel that a gives a pleasant and comfortable cockpit area, whether you like the steering wheel high or low. An MP3 compatible CD system can play sweetly through four speakers that include tweeters. And – a feature often reserved for more luxurious models – the Hyundai Accent has the audio controls mounted on the steering wheel.

The SLX version of the Hyundai Accent hatch and sedan boasts ABS and EBD, front and rear passenger side curtain airbags, a six-speaker stereo sound system with crystal clear tweeters so you can catch every frequency, and a nice chubby leather-wrapped steering wheel that’s just great to squeeze. And for the extra wow factor, this is all available for less than A$20,500, which is the most expensive SLX sedan model’s starting price.

The interior design of the trim and seats inside the Hyundai Accent has a long-lasting quality feel for a budget price. The dashboard is beautifully crafted and well designed – all the instruments are simple and easy to use, and all are well within reach. Overall, the cabin is a very pleasant place to spend the time, and the seating is comfortable, with plenty of supportive padding in all the right places.

Hyundai has done a marvellous effort with the Accent, and many a discerning owner enjoys the Hyundai Accent’s pleasurable driving experience.

Current model series include:

  • Hyundai Accent 3 Door 1.6
  • Hyundai Accent 4 Door 1.6

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