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Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid

You’re definitely not alone if you have caught yourself moaning about the price of petrol (or diesel) lately.  In this case, you’ll be very pleased to hear that Hyundai are about to introduce the IONIQ Hybrid (I think that this IONIQ is pronounced “ionic”, which is kind of a reference to electrical charge at the chemical level if I remember my high school chemistry right; the Q and the capital letters are to be cool or to look like it’s shouting with excitement).



At first glance, the Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid looks like a nice, tidy saloon of the type we’ve come to expect from the South Korean manufacturer. The lines are clean and refined with enough detailing picked out in chrome to stop it being bland.  It’s not an ostentatious head-turner but it’s got plenty of style and its lines and silhouette are attractive. It is, however, rather on the sleek side, as it’s been manufactured for reduced drag (it’s got a drag coefficient of 0.24).  I have to say that I quite like the styling, although I hope that more colours will be available than the white and cobalt blue shown in the teasers (overseas experience suggests that yes, we will).  Rumour (OK, the Hyundai press release) has it that the Australian Red Cross and a couple of other health organisations are trialling these hybrids prior to the official release (lucky them!) – so keep your eyes open if you want a pre-release glimpse of these little city sedans.

The details of exactly what the Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid will be capable of when it gets here are yet to be revealed by the Powers That Be at Hyundai. All we know so far is that the hybrid system will combine a 32-kW electric motor with a 1.6-L Atkinson cycle GDi petrol engine, both of which have been designed to be super-frugal. Together, these engines can deliver 104 kW of power, which is ample for a small city sedan – which is what the Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid is.  The torque peaks at 265 Nm, which also provides a good dollop of zip.  The Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid is designed to be frugal, and that’s exactly what it does.  The combined test figures suggest that the Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid can get 3.2 L/100 km, and this seems to be backed up by real-world driving conditions, with urban figures of 4.0 L/100 km and even 3.5 L/100 km being reported by the Red Cross and other test drivers.  I think my wallet will like that!

The details of the Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid’s interior are also yet to be revealed fully. However, what we do know a few things by looking at the overseas models (yes, the Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid has been released overseas, where it’s proving popular). The dashboard is clean and uncluttered despite having everything you need within easy reach, and looks surprisingly roomy for a small vehicle.  If we end up getting the same model as they have overseas, we could also be in for an 8-inch touchscreen multimedia display, wireless smartphone charging, dual zone climate control, leather trim on the steering wheel and lumbar support on the driver’s seat.  The Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid won the “Women’s World Car Of The Year”, so you know it’s going to be comfortable as well as practical.

As the Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid is a good, practical no-nonsense small city sedan, it’s got a good selection of driver aids as well as safety features (such as the array of seven airbags placed strategically about the cabin). Hyundai have fitted the IONIQ Hybrid out with Hyundai’s Smart Sense assistance package that includes blind spot detection, lane keeping assistance, smart cruise control and autonomous emergency braking.

Interestingly, the Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid has been released in New Zealand prior to the Australian release, so if you’re really, really keen to get your hands on one, then you can cross the Tasman and see about bringing one over. However, you’re bound to get a better deal thanks to what we can do for you here at Private Fleet, so if you’re patient and wait for the Australian release, we can save you a bucket as well as helping you get the great new hybrid you want.

Watch this space for more details about the Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid when it becomes available in Australia later in 2018!

Current model series will include:

  • Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid

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