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2021 Hyundai Sonata N-Line

2021 Hyundai Sonata N-Line Sedan

An SUV is really only necessary if you have a large family, tow or head off-road.  Nowadays, a medium/large sedan is ample for a small family to get about in.  They are more frugal, often roomier than any small or medium SUV, and they deliver a more dynamic driving experience.

I thought that flash new sedans were a dying breed, but there are some really nice looking sedans that you can buy for around the $50-to-60k mark.  You don’t have to have the latest Lexus or BMW 5 Series luxury sedan, because with cars like the 2021 Hyundai Sonata N-Line available and leading the charge, you won’t need to double the price tag for an equivalent driving experience.  Along with the new Hyundai Sonata N-Line are the Mazda 6 Atenza, Honda Accord VTi-LX, Toyota Camry SL, Volkswagen Passat 140 TSI Business, and the magnificent looking Peugeot 508 GT.  These are all late model sedans that are turning heads and proving that you can travel in style and comfort without breaking the bank.

Firstly, we can’t deny that the 2021 Hyundai Sonata has a seriously nice design.  The exterior lines flow brilliantly from front to back, and the wedge-shaped pentagonal nose that encapsulates the grille is surrounded by some sweet new sleek-looking headlights and DRLs that truly grab your attention.  The bonnet slopes quickly down toward the front, giving the low-profile Hyundai Sonata N-Line Sedan a long, low stance and a classy luxury/sports sedan shape.  The rear looks pretty epic as well, with a gently sloping boot line and powerful haunches.

This new N Line Sedan that Hyundai has created is a 4-door and fits neatly into the mid-size sedan bracket.  This segment has the new Toyota Camry as its best seller, but I reckon that the Hyundai is a nicer drive.  It uses a DCT 8-speed transmission for very smooth shifting, and this is backed onto a potent 2.5T engine.  The 2021 Sonata is now available in N Line guise only, which brings a mesmerizing mix of talent to the driving experience.  The car is powered by a stirring 213 kW, 2.5-litre, turbo, four-cylinder motor.  The eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox always seems to find the sweet spot, and there’s no shortage of power on tap.

There are three driving modes: Normal, Sport and Sport+.  Sport and Sport+ work wonders if you want to give the car full rein, and it cleverly helps to keep control of the Sonata’s on-road behaviour.  The car comes with traction and launch control to ensure that the FWD sedan easily tames the high level of output.  Combining 213 kW with 422 Nm of torque makes the Sonata a quick mover.  Pop it into normal mode though, and you can sit back, relax and cruise effortlessly in comfort and serenity.

You can have your slick looking Sonata in some rather classy colours.  There are six colours to choose from: Hampton Grey Metallic, Midnight Black Mica, Flame Red Metallic, White Cream Mica, Oxford Blue Metallic, and Nocturne Gray Metallic.  I have a slight preference for the black, blue and white tones.  All are classy colours, but, and Hyundai’s design team have neatly used touches of chrome for even more of an upmarket appearance.  I’m sure I caught a glimpse of a Bentley Continental at a ¾ rear viewpoint.  I could also find a bit of Maserati in the Sonata’s front headlights and in the way its nose is so low profile and wide.

2021 Hyundai Sonata N-Line Sedan

Slip inside the leather interior, and the 2021 Hyundai Sonata N-Line wows with style and delivers a comfortable experience.  All of the latest technology is on-board, and you really want for nothing.  Considering the driveaway price is around $56k, it feels like a steal, and you do feel like you’re driving something more than a cut above.  When seated inside the driver’s seat, the digital driver’s display looks clean and classy.

2021 Hyundai Sonata N-Line Sedan

Sonata flagship features include things like leather seats with electric adjustment at the front, interior illumination with entry and exit lighting functions, air conditioning with climate control and multi zones, keyless start, a starter button, gear shifters on the steering wheel, active cruise control, a premium sound system with digital radio, Heads-up display with multiple appearance functions, an integrated satellite navigation system, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, wireless smartphone charging, cable connection points, electronic parking assistance with parking sensors, an electric sunroof, and headlights that boast laser LED headlamps – all just for starters.

The multi-function touchscreen sits neatly into the dash allowing you access to a full array of technology and on-board features.  Instant smartphone connection is a nice feature for connecting with your own phone’s regularly used apps.  The combination of soft and hard surfaces looks great and appear luxurious.  Seated in the driver’s seat, you will find a very comfortable driving position with well padded elbow rests, a fully adjustable steering wheel and a seat that also boasts height adjustment.  Ergonomically, everything is within easy reach, clearly marked and functional.  Two knobs, six buttons and four toggles are all you need for controlling the Sonata’s air-con, seats, demisting etc. functions.  Simplicity in the way you can work things inside a flagship Hyundai cabin makes for a nice car that makes your driving experience relaxed, practical and functional.

Sitting in the back seats isn’t an experience that you’re going to want to avoid.  The Sonata is comfortable even in the back seats, and in the back seat it can accommodate long legs very well.  Some very tall folks may find head space a little tight, but that all depends on body type, I guess.  Sitting in the front seats offers excellent head and leg space.  Boot space is 462 litres, and the space is has functional dimensions that welcome sizable suitcases or a set of golf clubs.  Of course, the rear seats can fold forwards as well.  You can touch the emblem on the boot, and it will open up.

When you see a sedan like the latest Hyundai Sonata N-Line, you know that sedans are far from a thing of the past.  The 8th-generation Sonata comes out swinging, taking any premium brand head-on.  All sedans in the midsize, four-door sedan, hatch or wagon categories are in for a tough comparison test with the new N-Line Sonata.  It does everything very well and offers some serious high-tech features, not to mention some solid safety credentials that strengthen the eye candy looks.

2021 Hyundai Sonata N-Line Sedan

The 2021 Hyundai Sonata models include the:

  • Sonata N-Line

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