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Peugeot Partner

The sides of the Peugeot Partner panel van have been designed to take advertising; the window van offers plenty of visibility.

Model Update

Big headlights, big bumpers and a massive air intake equate to a rugged and functional Peugeot Partner. It’s a van that is ready for the hard yards undertaken by any-sized commercial business that needs to shift goods from A to B.

Drive this van at night and you’ll appreciate the great night vision falling on the open road ahead via premium headlight revelation. The air intake is an important feature of the Partner as it sucks in the air required for extremely efficient running, while it also aids in the cooling of the engine.

Driving the latest Partner is a safe task. Equipped with the best safety features means that, when driving the Peugeot Partner, you won’t be skimping on the things that really matter. Unlike many other van types, where the maker’s seem to think that safety doesn’t count, you’ve got airbags, EBD, a passenger safety cell, ABS and pre-tensioning seat belts. Recently strengthened, the rigid body shell offers solid handling characteristics and a high load-carrying capacity.

Wonderful wide doors, a 750-850 kg payload, and cargo security ensures that you have the right purpose-built van for the job. Cruise control and a multi media system, comfortable seating and plenty of storage make the new Peugeot Partner very hard to beat. And take a look at the price!

Looking for a commercial vehicle that isn’t a bog-standard vanilla van? The Peugeot Partner manages to infuse a bit of style and individuality along with the practical necessities of a commercial vehicle.

At first glance, the Peugeot Partner looks like an SUV rather than a van, until you look more closely. It’s got higher ground clearance than the average car and big, chunky styling, but the rear end gives the game away: this is a working vehicle, complete with rear doors designed for easy loading, tail lights put where they won’t get hit easily, and the panel-van sides. Those panels have been specifically designed to accommodate advertising, and the colour palette (red, white, black, blue and two shades of grey) should combine nicely with anyone’s fleet colours. But even these practical features have a bit of style. The hinges are concealed so the clean lines aren’t marred, and those panels have a distinctive cut-away corner. And no boring square lights: the Peugeot Partner has headlights that look like they’ve been taken off any of Peugeot’s luxury models – without looking out of place.

Two body lengths are on offer with the Peugeot Partner: the L1 and the L2, all on a 2.73 wheelbase. The Peugeot Partner L1 is 4.38 long compared to the L2’s 4.63 m. Whichever Peugeot Partner you prefer, you’ll find the interior more than capable of doing the business. The L1 has a cargo space of 3.3 cubic metres, while the L2 carts 3.7 cubic metres. The Multi-Flex seat option (which allows two of the three front seats to be folded flat beside the driver) increases the cargo space even further. You can access this cargo space via the rear doors, of course, or through the sliding side panels – two of them on the Peugeot Partner L2.

OK, the Peugeot Partner’s got that side of being a commercial vehicle covered. But what about the Peugeot Partner’s engine? The Peugeot Partner L1 has three engine possibilities: the 1.6 litre petrol, the 55 kW 1.6 diesel and the 66 kW 1.6 diesel. The Peugeot Partner L2, on the other hand, comes with only the 66 kW diesel unit. But no matter what you choose, you’ll access what’s on tap via a five-speed manual transmission.

Well, so with the optional Multi-Flex seat down, the driver’s alone with only the entertainment system to keep him/her company. So the Peugeot Partner has come up to scratch again with the MP3-compatible CD/radio audio system. And the driver gets to play with the cruise control, find out what’s going on regarding fuel consumption and the like with the trip computer, adjust the air con system and tuck odds and ends into the driver’s glove box located behind the instrument panel (just the place for a clipboard). And everything’s set out within easy reach.

On the safety front, the Partner comes fitted with Peugeot’s rally-bred suspension for better handling. The Peugeot Partner may not be a rally car, but it still handles superbly for a van: nice and grippy. ABS, ESP and Brake Assist finish the active safety features, with a driver’s side airbag (and optional passenger side airbag) and a tough safety cell around the occupant cabin. And, unlike older vans with nil crumple zones up the front end, the Peugeot Partner has a decent nose between the driver and the end of the van.

In short, it’s good to see that Peugeot’s impressive safety designs haven’t been skimped on.

The current model series includes the:

  • Peugeot Partner L1 1.6 petrol
  • Peugeot Partner L1 1.6 55 kW diesel
  • Peugeot Partner L1 1.6 66 kW diesel
  • Peugeot Partner L2

For any more information on the Peugeot Partner, or for that matter any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181. If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!), we can submit vehicle quote requests out to our national network of Peugeot dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours. Private Fleet – car buying made easy!

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