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2019 Peugeot Expert Van

2019 Peugeot Expert Van

We review loads of different vehicles, but some of the vehicles are less regularly reviewed than the more common car or SUV.  This review covers the Peugeot Expert Van, and vans are the mainstay of a lot of road transport logistics.  They are a necessity for many people to buy new, regularly.  And I say regularly because some businesses clock up the road miles very quickly indeed.  More and more businesses are looking to buy a medium-to-large van to cart around gear and provide their service.  There are a few good medium vans you can consider, and one in particular that seems to display itself as being the best in its class is the Peugeot Expert Van.

Running against the likes of the Renault Trafic which can be bought for a bit over $30k, the Hyundai iLoad at a smidgeon over $40k and the Ford Transit which is almost $50k, the 2019 Peugeot Expert Van has a price tag a little pricier than the Hyundai iLoad.  But boasting way better equipment levels than the Renault and Hyundai, the Peugeot delivers great value for the bucks spent in this company.  Ford is able to match the Peugeot for goodies but at a much higher price.  When it comes to comfort, space and versatility, infotainment items and premium safety features the Peugeot is an all-out winner.

2019 Peugeot Expert Van

What do you get with the new Peugeot Expert Van in terms of safety?  ABS braking, ESC, automatic headlights, autonomous braking, forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, automatic wipers, and front and curtain airbags are some of the features in the Peugeot’s safety department.  By far and away the Peugeot trumps the Renault and Hyundai on the safety front.  Ford’s Transit is also very good but you do pay for it.

Safety isn’t just about the active and passive safety features, however.  You need a van that handles well, corners predictably and brakes with assurance with and without a load on board.  Without a load, the Peugeot Expert is a great van to drive.  The ride is supple and the most comfortable in its class.  Nice direct steering gives you confidence, while the overall driving experience is nice and refined.  Plonk a tonne on board and the Peugeot’s chassis still deals manfully with the situation.

Being safe over the long haul, say an eight hour shift in the driver’s seat, means that you are going to need the van to be ergonomic where the switches are nicely at hand, but also the driver’s seat needs to be fully adjustable, supple and supportive.  Comfort is important to prevent fatigue and, again, here is where the Peugeot Expert Van shines.  The cab of the Expert is a great place to spend the hours.  The Bluetooth handsfree phone makes work easy, too.

2019 Peugeot Expert Van

What are some of the practical features that a van like this should offer?  How about a pair of 12-volt sockets, a USB port and auxiliary input port, door bins, a dash bin, and three varieties of glovebox, an insulated storage compartment under the centre seat, cup-holders, a cargo barrier, a special load-through feature for long objects, two side doors and rear barn doors that open out to 180 degrees to make loading very easy.  Inside the cargo area are six tie-down points.  The Peugeot is also built to carry a payload of up to 1300 kg – the most in its class.  All things considered, the Expert is extremely well set up as a van.

What about the power?  Well, the grunt that the bigger Peugeot Expert Van uses to haul cargo places comes from the lusty 2.0-litre 150 HDI with the choice of either a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic gearbox.  There is also a 1.6-litre standard Expert Van with the 115 HDI engine and 6-speed manual gearbox.  The bigger 130 kW turbo-diesel engine is the most powerful of the four vans mentioned above, and the torque is good for 400 Nm, second to the iLoad’s 441Nm.  The combination of 130 kW and 400 Nm makes for a superior drive through city traffic, up hills and out on the motorway.  It performs really well and is effortless at any road speed limits.  The Expert constantly feels in the right zone for matching power and efficiency thanks to a very good six-speed automatic transmission – though if you really want it the six-speed manual is available.

The 2.0-litre HDI Peugeot Expert Van Long offers its driver a combined fuel consumption figure of around the 6.3 litres/100 km.  In the real world you’ll be filling up every 1000 km or so.  This bigger motor will likely be the preferred option with great power, torque and fuel economy being its hallmark.  The 1.6-litre HDI Expert is only slightly more fuel efficient.

So, buy a slick new Peugeot Expert Van, and it will be delivered with a 5-year/200,000 km warranty.

2019 Peugeot Expert Van

The 2019 Peugeot Expert Van models include the:

  • Peugeot Expert Van Standard (1.6 HDI)
  • Peugeot Expert Van Long (2.0 HDI)

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