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Patrol Y61

Why would you opt for a new Nissan Patrol Y61? Because this is a heavyweight when it comes to 4×4 work. Big, solid and dependable is the Nissan Patrol, and the Patrol Y61 kicks Nissan serious off-road variants off with all the ruggedness you need when hitting the Outback trails. In 1962, a geologist, Reg Sprigg, and his family became the first people to cross the Simpson Desert in a G60 Nissan Patrol. Fifty years later, Pat Callinan and a throng of 4×4 enthusiasts made the same pilgrimage Reg Sprigg went on across the Simpson Desert to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of man’s greatest achievements. Again, a G60 Nissan was used to conquer the task, except this time the G60 was followed by an array of new Nissan Patrols. Think the Simpson Desert, and think Nissan Patrol.

Back in the early sixties the Nissan Patrol 60 Series boasted a 4.0-litre, inline six-cylinder petrol engine. Today the Nissan Patrol Y61 is driven by a very powerful 3.0-litre turbo-diesel engine, and the 118 kW maximum power is counterbalanced by 380 Nm of torque along a flat curve – ideal outputs for getting stuck into any serious off-road terrain. Outback conditions are so variable that it is essential that you drive with a vehicle that can master conditions that range from soapy clay, to soft sand dunes. Steep inclines and hairy descents can be found, which not only test the capability of the 4×4 vehicle but also the nerve of the driver. Corrugated roads shake the vehicle’s chassis components, so Nissan Patrol’s Y61 is the 4×4 for the task.

Two Nissan Patrol Y61 variants are available, differing mainly in the level of equipment you’ll find on-board. The Nissan Patrol Y61 DX WW is the cheaper of the two, but still has features like Bluetooth communications, VDC and a smart cloth interior that is very roomy. Where the Nissan Patrol Y61 ST scores extra is with features like bigger alloys, iPod and USB connection and a seven seat option. If you need to carry between five and seven occupants, then the ST model will be the one for you. Transmission options for both Y61 Patrols are manual or CVT/Auto.

Off-road talent is superior, and both the Patrol Y61 DX WW and the Patrol Y61 ST boast a rear diff-lock, high ground clearance and a very useful 3200 kg braked towing capacity. A wide range of accessories can be purchased along with your new Nissan Patrol Y61 4×4, this even includes a rear seat entertainment system for those passengers in the rear who need a little extra excitement for managing the many hours of Outback travel. Reg Sprigg’s family had to do without the latest rear seat entertainment systems in the first crossing of the Simpson Desert. I bet there are many families whose techno-attached kids can hardly get from one side of Sydney to the other without complaining about not having something to do. Best get them interested in some other pursuits or purchase the rear seat entertainment system.

One way of making your new Nissan Patrol Y61 a hot 4×4 looker is to put some bullbars and large alloy rims on. Add to this spot lights and a snorkel, and you’ll be looking a serious contender for the next Simpson Desert crossing!
Rugged competence in a package with masses of room, the Nissan Patrol Y61 models beckon the serious off-road adventurer.

The current Nissan Patrol Y61 models include the:

  • Patrol Y61 DX WW
  • Patrol Y61 ST

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