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Nissan Maxima 350 Ti

Nissan Maxima 350 Ti - maximum driving pleasure.

Model Update

What’s the best big car on the market – all things considered? I reckon I would have to put the Nissan Maxima right up there as the top contender because this is quite a car.

Outstanding value for money is the first reason why the 2010 Nissan Maxima should be the number one car. Absolutely loaded with kit; and I mean loaded because who else offers leather seats and Xenon headlights for under $34k?

If you get the chance to swipe your mates Maxima, you’ll appreciate just how roomy the seating is – and those seats are incredibly comfortable. Luxury items are aplenty; just check out the climate air controls, the electric windows and mirrors, powerful audio system, bluetooth communications, MP3 compatibility, USB connection, electrically adjustable front seats, airbags all over the place, 17-inch alloys, so many dynamic safety features, and wonderfully smooth V6 power and acceleration. You’ll also like the elegant exterior lines and detailing.

One of the joys in driving the balanced Maxima is that the CVT transmission provides very smooth delivery, and with up to 185 kW the car is an exceptional performer.

The latest Nissan Maxima is a clear winner.

If you look the word “maxima” up in the dictionary, you will find that it means “more than one maximum.” Flick down a couple of entries, and you will find that “maximum” means the greatest amount possible. Putting these two dictionary entries together would give you the impression that the Nissan Maxima 350 Ti manages to give you the greatest amount possible of more than one thing.

So what does the Nissan Maxima 350 Ti have the maximum of? Everything! This is a top-of-the line luxury sedan that has the lot. OK, it’s not a stretch limo with an on-board swimming pool and drinks cabinet, but the Nissan Maxima 350 Ti certain has everything that us ordinary mere mortals need for a comfortable drive around town or between main centres.

Given the exterior dimensions of the Nissan Maxima 350 Ti, it’s surprising how spacious the interior is. It may not have a drinks cabinet and a swimming pool, or room for these, but the Nissan Maxima 350 Ti does have plenty of cabin space and seating for five (it does have cup holders at the front and inside the fold-down rear armrest – which does for most of us). And the Nissan Maxima 350 Ti has other ways to keep you cool and attend to your creature comforts, starting with the eight-way electrically adjustable leather-upholstered driver’s seat with heating and manually adjustable lumbar support (and the four-way adjustable passenger seat also with heating and lumbar support) through to the big BOSE audio system that boasts awesome power and Dolby surround sound. And the list goes on: steering wheel mounted audio controls that also handle the Bluetooth hands-free mobile phone system, the reversing camera, the dual-zone climate control, DVD satellite navigation with a 7” player, a DVD player… You’re going to love travelling in this special sedan.

The exterior styling of the Nissan Maxima 350 Ti pushes the concept of smooth to the maximum. The lines have a fluidity that simply beg to be touched – if you can stand the idea of fingerprints all over the paint (six options ranging from Ebony to White Diamond). It looks the way an ice cube does after it has been rubbed down skin on a blistering hot day. One thing that isn’t maximised in the Maxima is chrome: this is limited to tiny touches that enhance the overall sleek curves (e.g. the door handles), whereas more would detract and look vulgar rather than sophisticated. The rear spoiler and the front fog lights are integrated well into the lines of the Maxima, rather than looking like afterthoughts. So are the auto-levelling Xenon headlights, which don’t have “eyeliner” around them, as you see on many vehicles.

The Nissan Maxima 350 Ti likes to keep its smooth exterior unruffled – and the driver safe – and does so with maximised safety features. Specifically, these features include traction control, stability control (which also make for great on-road handling and performance, especially alongside the speed-sensitive power steering and the well-tuned suspension) and ABS brakes with EBD and brake assist. It will be such a shame if the impact-absorbing crumple zones end up having to do their work, but at least the side impact protection beams, the airbags (front, side and curtain), the energy absorbing steering column, the pretensioned and load-limited front seat belts and the head restraints will make sure that it’s only the car that gets bent and bashed.

And the Nissan Maxima 350 Ti has the maximum of the Maxima lineup when it comes to what’s under the oh-so-smooth bonnet. Three hundred and fifty cubic centimetres of combustion chamber are ready to fire into life with the help of the DOHC and the 24-valve V6 set-up with CVVT (continuous variable valve timing). And this 3.5 litre will give you 185 kW of power tops at 6000 revs and a very tasty 326 Nm of torque at 4400. Blend this with the Xtronic CVT transmission (that’s short for Continuous Variable Automatic Transmission) with M-Mode (M for manual) and you have a recipe for a lot of driving pleasure.

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  • Nissan Maxima 350 Ti

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