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2020 Nissan Patrol

2020 Nissan Patrol

It’s a big, comfortable and formidable 4×4: The new 2020 Nissan Patrol.

The new Patrol has a few new things to add to its already well kitted out interior, but let’s start with the 2020 changes to the vehicle’s exterior, where you’ll find some nice styling changes that make this a really good-looking XL 4×4.  This generation Nissan Patrol boasts a classy front end with a new LED headlight design with DRLs shaped in a wraparound C-shape.  A very clean new bumper design and lower front air dam make the new Patrol more focused, more athletic and current.  The big black lattice grille boasts horizontal chrome lines with the big Nissan Badge smack-bang in the middle.  At the back of the large 4×4 is a new bumper that protrudes further out, making the back end of the latest Patrol more defined.  The LED taillights echo the wraparound C-shape at the front and are integrated nicely into the rear gate design.  Sequential, progressive indicators are also a nice new touch for the big Patrol.  A long Chrome bar runs between both taillight clusters and boasts the engraved PATROL name as a nice visual accent.  Big, long roof rails run the entire length, and there are side bars running beneath the front and rear doors on either side.  Sitting on massive rubber and boasting some nice 20-inch alloy designs, you know you’re driving a luxury 4×4 with the total off-roading prowess package that has become legendary with the name.

At the curb, the new Nissan Patrol dwarfs other large cars and big SUVs that are parked alongside it.  This is a big machine that takes on the likes of Range Rover, Mercedes Benz and the Lexus LX.  These are the big-game luxury SUV vehicles that have hit the big-time and are a model of choice for those who want to make a statement with the vehicle they drive.  Luxurious and even a bit glamorous the new Patrol is.

Climb up into the driver’s seat and the interior oozes refinement and comfort.  All the modern tech is standard, while the view out over the bonnet is almost truck-like.  The driver’s instrument cluster houses a lovely clear speedometer and rev counter, while the upper display screen has good imagery for the satellite navigation and reversing camera.  The bottom display screen flicks through the apps nicely and has an array of buttons around it for climate control, seat temperature, window demisting and audio.  The displays can also be controlled with the new IT Commander that’s easily within reach next to the gear lever.  The smart HMI navigation system and the enhanced voice recognition function makes life easy while making adjustments while driving.  Front occupants can also enjoy wireless phone charging in the centre console, while rear passengers can stay charged up with their individual USB ports.

Kids and adults can make use of the rear entertainment system that is equipped with a dual screen and wireless headphone set for a relaxing, stress-free journey.  Boasting 13 Bose speakers about the cabin ensures that you’re in for a musical treat of a premium audio standard.  Improved noise reduction standards inside the cabin enables the driver to have an even more peaceful experience while driving, and no matter what the temperature is outside, the 2020 Nissan Patrol features ‘curtain’ air vents that isolate occupants in their own zone of cool refreshing air.  The triple or dual–zone climate controls allow the passengers in different positions of the vehicle to set the temperature just how they like it.  Inside the Patrol you’re very well looked after.

2020 Nissan Patrol

Big on the outside and big on the inside, the 2020 Nissan Patrol offers class-leading interior space filled with premium comfort.  You do feel special inside the Patrol, and there is a nice feeling of travelling first-class.  There are plenty of areas around the cabin that will hold your favourite and essential items for the long haul.  Boot space is cavernous, even with the third row of seats in place.  The third-row seats are powered, and the power seating enables you to optimize your trunk space based on your needs with electric folding seats that are activated at the touch of a button.  You ca seat a maximum of eight.

The new Nissan Patrol is equipped with a suite of features that can step in and take action to help keep you out of trouble should things get dicey.  Intelligent emergency braking with pedestrian detection, intelligent lane intervention, intelligent cruise control and an intelligent rear view mirror are just some of the very nice safety features you’ll find as standard.  A full suite of airbags that include roll-over sensing airbags, and specially designed crash absorbing zones really help you to feel like you’re in Fort Knox!

Powering the range of new Nissan Patrols are two petrol options that are very powerful and up to the task for delivering creamy, smooth, effortless muscle for all situations.  Out on the open road the Patrol wafts along quietly, then given the command the V6 or V8 instantly delivers acceleration that will power you past slower traffic with ease.  A very solid 4WD chassis holds you down nicely on the road, and the Patrol handles the twisty roads with commendable dynamism.  So, both engines are linked to the silky 7-speed automatic gearbox, and both offer gobs of torque.  The 4-litre V6 has 206 kW of power at the ready and can run up to 200 km/h.  It can get the 0-100 km/h deed done in 11.5 seconds.  The 300 kW V8 delivers a knockout punch and sounds good doing it!  This one has a top speed in excess of 200 and can see off the 0-100 dash in just 6.6 seconds.

If you’ve got the money to spend on a top-shelf large 4×4 then the new Nissan Patrol has to be on your shortlist.  It looks incredibly good in the metal and drives exceptionally well.  The V8 is more expensive but the sound and power are immense.  Oh, and don’t forget these 4×4 machines make tough terrain a complete doddle.

2020 Nissan Patrol

The 2020 Nissan Patrol models include the:

  • Patrol XE V6
  • Patrol SE T2 V6
  • Patrol SE Titanium V6
  • Patrol SE Platinum City V6
  • Patrol LE T1 V8
  • Patrol LE T2 V8
  • Patrol LE Titanium V8
  • Patrol LE Platinum City V8

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