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Nissan Juke

Nissan’s new Juke is a real hoot to drive. Nothing else looks remotely like the Juke, but the fun, vibrant nature of the Nissan Juke’s styling turn’s heads and makes for enjoyable, rewarded driving. This has to be one of the best vehicles on the market for promoting business activities. You just have to like the way the Nissan Juke smiles back at you – it’s those cute eyes and smiling grille!

Seated high up in the Juke’s front seats, the driving position is great for catching up with what’s going on ahead of the sedan’s and wagon’s in front of you. A crossover styled exterior, the new Nissan Juke boasts handy ground clearance – however I wouldn’t call it a serious off-roader. AWD is standard, and the Juke ST-S and Ti-S can run the power from the engine through a very smooth and efficient CVT gearing. A solid grip on the road enhances the drive. All road surfaces are taken care of, thanks to the clever AWD system that picks up whether a wheel is losing traction and switches more power to the wheel that has grip. You can tackle back roads, muddy paddocks and a bit of beach sand no problems – which makes the Nissan Juke ideal for a Sunday afternoon picnic, a trip up to the ski fields or heading out for a spot of afternoon fishing.

One of the delights of the Nissan Juke ST-S and Ti-S models is that their engine has a lot of get-up-and-go, and the short wheelbase makes it fun to drive with its sporty chassis and nimble handling. Driving it hard all the time will affect the overall fuel consumption – for some reason the heavier foot does take its toll a little more on the Juke than say a Mini Countryman – however relaxed driving returns reasonable fuel economy. At its peak, the turbo engine puts out 240 Nm and is strong from around the 2000 rpm right through to the higher rpm levels. Maximum power is rated at 140 kW and the 1.6-litre engine with a turbo strapped on the side gives the Nissan Juke plenty of kick when needed.

The Nissan Juke ST has the standard 1.6-litre petrol engine with a peppy 85 kW of power. A five speed manual or CVT gearbox are the options for the ST. The ST-S gets a six-speed manual, while the Ti-S has CVT running gear as standard.

Interior room is a little snugger, as you can imagine with the smaller crossover dimensions and a short wheelbase, but the Nissan design team have worked hard to get as much space as they can into the Juke’s cabin dimensions. That said, the seats are comfy, and boot space is handy enough for a decent amount of luggage. The rear seats gives you 60/40 split folding options, and there is a low boot-loading height and under boot storage area to make things easier. Cool styling in the cabin looks as it should be for the exclusive new Nissan Juke, and you can even opt for the centre console to be the same colour and finish as the exterior paint work on the car.

Features for the Nissan Juke are modern and ready for entertaining, or for keeping you in touch with friends or work colleagues. Nissan has some of their latest technology inside the Juke with their Advanced Technology Interface. Via a single screen display that is integrated into the dash you have most on-board functions at your fingertips. USB connection, a six speaker audio system that will rock your socks off, steering wheel audio and Bluetooth Hands-free controls and iPod connectivity make the journey an enjoyable and informed one. Satellite Navigation keeps you heading in the right direction, while features like the heated front seats and a reversing camera on the Juke Ti-S model ensure you are right up with the Joneses.

Smaller crossover dimensions don’t mean a slip up on the safety front. Nissan have kept the Juke strong in the safety arena. It is a solid little beast, and boasts a premium five-star safety result in recent crash testing. Being a small crossover, the chassis has been strengthened with light off-roading duties in mind. Six airbags, a rear view camera, a Vehicle Speed Control System (VSCS) – like cruise control only more sophisticated, Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), TCS, EBD and ABS all come standard across the Nissan Juke range.

The new Nissan Juke is highly recommended as a vehicle for drawing a load of attention. Unique looks give plenty of style, so be in and enjoy the all-new Nissan Juke experience.

The current Nissan Juke models include the:

  • Juke ST
  • Juke ST-S
  • Juke Ti-S

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