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Nissan 370Z

The Nissan 370Z looks ready to deliver all the power and performance it's capable of - which is plenty.

Model Update

Back in the 1960s they did it with the 240Z, and now today the impressive Nissan 370Z raises the performance bar, yet again. A new Nissan 370Z is all about performance and all about driving pleasure. Glance over the exterior, and the Nissan 370Z even looks quick. Flip the bonnet and a sweet 3.7-litre V6 sits snugly in the engine bay. Fire up the Z car, and the full 245 kW becomes a performance weapon, alive and full of potential energy. Power runs smoothly and forcefully right up to the limited top speed of 250 km/h. Acceleration is very quick, while the car’s handling is as good as it gets. Chassis dynamism is superb, and few cars match the 370Z’s poise and control at the limit.

A sexy 370Z Coupe and racy 370Z Roadster are offered, and they come with either a six-speed manual or seven-speed automatic. Traction to the rear wheels is via a specially designed slip differential to ensure full control and full traction under full throttle.

Leather seats fit snugly around the body, while the rest of the interior offers premium luxury. The Nissan 370Z Roadster is a lot of fun with its retractable roof, which at the push of a button the roof folds away in a short twenty seconds. Satellite navigation, Bluetooth communication, a BOSE audio system, electric heated seats, a video input jack, climate control air-conditioning, steering wheel controls, VDC, TCS, ABS, BA, EBD, seat belt pre-tensioners, load limiters and active head restraints are available to all Nissan 370Z models.

It’s great to see Nissan leading the way in affordable performance. This is one sharp speedster.

If you were to design a sports car, what marques might you base your goals for achievement on? BMW? Porsche? Corvette? Ferrari? Big names, eh!? These particular iconic sports cars best take a look in their rear vision mirrors because the new Nissan 370Z has arrived.

A front to mid-engine rear-wheel-drive, the Nissan 370Z is a beautiful two door sports coupe. The vehicle features a swooping bonnet, short overhang and compact roof line design that oozes modern style and sophistication in a very sporty, very sexy way. A sloping fastback-styled roof line is complemented by a sexy high waistline and bulging fenders. Flush with the contours are extremely stylish headlights that add to the Z car’s very accomplished and intimidating appearance.

Over the decades a Nissan Z car has always been a performance machine with sporting credentials to meet. And with the delightfully quick Nissan 370Z the family tradition of increased performance and dynamic sporty handling, continues. This is the most powerful Nissan Z car yet. And with 245 kW of effortless power and a lusty 363 Nm of torque, this is a car that can be driven very swiftly, indeed. Sydney waterfront and intercity travel in Australia couldn’t come anymore satisfying, fun and stylish than in the world’s sexiest new Coupe. Boasting a limited-slip rear differential the drive is confidence enhancing even in slippery, icy conditions. And when the 370Z is really opened up on the motorways, few cars can match the way the Nissan 370Z hangs on to the road in such an unbuffeted, unflappable fashion.

The car is quick, and it is a pure delight to floor the throttle and pass slower moving traffic in breath-like moments in time. A ‘SynchroRev Match’ six-speed manual gearbox is a world first, where the gearbox is electronically matched to the engines revolution. If you opt for the seven-speed auto option, the seamless power is applied smoothly, which gives the car a very nice GT flavour, and offers effortless cruising ability.

Inside the 370Z, Nissan has created an amazing interior to match the cars exciting sporting flavour. The main instrumentation window is mounted directly to the steering column. The window moves in union with the adjustable steering wheel. Additional gauges are mounted in a centre triple-gauge cluster. Leather bound and delightfully fat, the steering wheel sits snugly in your palms. Climate controls are similar to that found in the classy new Nissan Maxima, and a navigation system with iPod integration is part of the well equipped Nissan 370 Z sports car’s repertoire. Sports leather seats, a video input function and steering wheel mounted buttons are some of the luxury features on offer. The push button start function is a hoot to use, while the touring model adds heated/cooling leather-appointed electronically adjustable seats, a 6-CD Bose audio system with eight speakers (with a dual subwoofer) and MP3/WMA playback, XM Satellite Radio, a Bluetooth Hands-free Phone System, a HomeLink Universal Transceiver, and aluminum-trimmed pedals.

You bet this one’s a beauty, mate! What a great move by Nissan to bring the smooth and swift 370Z along so soon after the all conquering feats of the GT-R at the Nürbugring.

The current model series includes the:

  • 370Z Coupe six-speed manual
  • 370Z Coupe seven-speed automatic
  • 370Z Roadster six-speed manual
  • 370Z Roadster seven-speed automatic

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