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2018 Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF 2018

Nissan loves its relationship with Renault – and vice versa.  Did you know that they became a partnership back in 1999?  They now control 10 major automotive brands worldwide and have added Mitsubishi as the other equal partner in the alliance.  As of January this year (2018), the Alliance is the largest, leading plug-in electric vehicle manufacturer in the world.  Since 2010 over 500,000 electric vehicles have been sold by the group – including those manufactured by Mitsubishi.  The top selling Electric Vehicle (EV) of the Alliance group is the Nissan LEAF.  More than 300,000 Nissan LEAF cars have been sold worldwide by January 2018, so we can safely say that Nissan knows what they are talking about in the EV world!

This year marks the arrival of the next new Nissan Leaf model which looks smarter and more grand, and is packed with the latest technology.  It looks sleeker when you take a step back and appreciate the LEAF’s new exterior design.  The low profile lines don’t lie; it only has a drag coefficient of 0.28.  The LED headlamps are more streamlined as well as being larger and more powerful.

Seated inside the car, the driver has a comfortable and supportive seat which offers good ergonomics, though the steering wheel only offers height and not rake adjustment.  You do get a great view of the outside world, and the seat view feels more like an SUV ride than a hatchback.  A digital display has a digital speedo, and a cool visual graphic of the car pops up when the car is turned on and ready to go.  Storage space is good, with cup holders for coffee, bottle holders for ice water and there a nice space below the dash for storing your phone inside that’s angled down to stop the phone sliding around.  Open up the glovebox, and you’ll find that you could just about store all your clothes inside.  USB ports and charging points are close by; there is a 12V socket in the front and switches for the heated seats as well – so all-in-all the Nissan LEAF has a great practical feel about the cabin.

Nissan LEAF Interior 2018

There are heated seats in the rear if you’ve got the top LEAF model, and the heat switch is found at the back of the centre console.  Rear seat accommodation is comfy and it provides plenty of leg room for tall adults.  Middle rear seat passengers get a well-padded seat but it is a little squishy – particularly if there are three bulky lads across the rear seats.  The car’s batteries are stored under the rear seats, and the clever design keeps the car’s centre of gravity nice and low.

Boot space is very good for this new Nissan Leaf Hatch when the rear seats are upright.  There is a bit of a lip for you to lift your luggage up-and-over into the cargo area, but I didn’t find it’s too bad in practise.  Fold the split-folding rear seats down, and they don’t go flat – mainly due to the batteries stored under the rear seat bum cushions.  However, you work with what you have.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems are standard features which Bluetooth talk to your phone and are accessed via the touchscreen in the centre of the dash.  The infotainment system is easy to navigate.  Top of the range Nissan Leaf cars get leather seats which look and feel smart.  Along with the nice seats is an upgrade in audio – with the new BOSE audio really nice for those who like their music BOSE LOUD.  Quality craftsmanship in the cabin has a mixture of hardwearing plastics to go with more upmarket leather touches, but there is still a way to go for Nissan to get its new Leaf customers lavished in soft luxurious comfort.

Parking aids do make the 2018 Nissan Leaf easy to use about town.  There is a rear-view camera and 360-degree views about the car.  Parking sensors front and rear, emergency braking and active cruise control are all features you’ll find in a Leaf.  A pedestrian is warned to the car’s approach, thanks to a whirring sound emitted from the front of the car.  There is pedestrian detection, Lane keeping assist and blind spot monitoring which are all standard features in a new Nissan LEAF.  Top models also get a pilot system which basically drives the car by itself – though you need to have your hands on the steering wheel or the car will bring you to a safe and controlled stop by the side of the road – very impressive.  Smartphone Apps allow you to find where you parked your car the night before you drunk too much at the pub.  You can also see how much charge you have left, and you can even use the app to set the car’s cabin temperature before hopping inside on a cold morning.

Some ecological cool bits about the new LEAF are: you can have your house kitted out with solar panels on the roof to charge your car when it’s not in use.  The Nissan Leaf is made up of reusable plastics and reusable seat materials.

Expect around 300 km max for everyday driving.  And, if you like to speed, then the economy drops away – just like in a car with a combustion engine.  Out on the road, the Nissan Leaf has plenty of pick up for acceleration (0-100 km/h in around 8 seconds), and the car cruises quietly – funny that because there isn’t any engine.  A little bit of road noise works its way into the relatively serene cabin.

Nissan LEAF EV System

Big distances on the open road aren’t practical yet, as Australia just doesn’t have the EV infrastructure yet, but about town with the odd bit of motorway work thrown in for good measure and the LEAF becomes a superb way to commute.  Buyers will arrive at a full charge in 16 hours if using a 3kW connection, or eight hours if using a more powerful 6kW point.  Quick-charging capability will get your energy reserves to 80 per cent in 40 minutes, if you’ve access to public charge points.  Yes you can charge the LEAF at home, but it’s much quicker to charge up to full at a charging station near you – well hopefully near you!  The new Nissan LEAF does have sharp handling and offers a comfortable ride.

With a five star safety result, the modern and new Nissan Leaf is a refreshing drive.  Fully electric, zero tailpipe emissions, instant torque and acceleration and a modern look has plenty going for it.   If you can get used to habitual recharging techniques you just might have the perfect car for you right here.

Nissan LEAF 2018

The 2018 Nissan LEAF model series includes the:

  • Nissan LEAF
  • Nissan LEAF Tekna

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