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Nissan XTrail

Nissan's new 2011 XTrail

Model Update

We all have a bit of adventure hidden away in us, and Australia has everything the explorer could dream for. Nissan has their new X-Trail series purpose-built for running errands around town and hitting the rough stuff when possible.

The 2011 Nissan X-Trail has two engines to offer the potential buyer. It’s worth checking each model out because although each one is very good, they offer a different flavour of their own. The ST and ST-L 2WD models boast a capable 102 kW petrol engine linked to either a six-speed manual or CVT automatic transmission. The ST, ST-L and Ti 4WD models are powered by the new smooth 2.5-litre, 125 kW petrol engine. You’ll find the flexible TS and T-L 2.0-litre turbo-diesel models have purposeful performance with their 125 kW and high levels of torque. This same engine is available for the highly equipped Ti model. I like Nissan’s power plants because they offer very efficient performance that is both grunty and smooth. Advanced materials and design keeps these engines at the head of their field.

New this year, is Nissan’s provision to the buyer who loves the X-Trail but is happy with just 2WD. It made sense to the ‘powers that be’ at Nissan, and so the cheaper 2WD version is available. All other X-Trail models have the ALL MODE 4×4 transmission that gives the driver access to 2WD, auto select and 4WD lock. Hill Descent Control and Hill Start Assist are standard features of the AWD models.

Heading inside, finds the 2011 Nissan X-Trail cabins Smart and functional. There is plenty of room for your body extremities, and you’ll find the seats comfortable. Bluetooth communications comes as part of the X-Trail package and it has the handy function of being able to be operated via the steering wheel. A heated and cooled glove box, auxiliary jacks, MP3 compatibility, an onboard computer, central locking, cruise control, washable luggage boards, 40/20/40 split fold rear seats and reclining rear seats make the X-Trail very attractive.

Of course, as you progress through the models you find added bells and whistles become part of the package. The latest styling for the Nissan X-Trail exterior is both modern and highly sophisticated.

Building on the huge success of the first generation of X-Trail vehicles, Nissan has taken the next step by improving performance, comfort, convenience and most importantly, lower fuel consumption and emission output. As a design goes, the new Nissan X-Trail speaks for itself. The exterior has nice lines, and previous owners rave about its practicality, ease of use and performance.

The X-Trail has been completely restyled and has a robust, strong shape similar to its predecessor. They’ve also beefed up the exterior by extending the wheel arches and toughening the grille. Nissan have also used a deep D-pillar behind the profile of the rearmost side window. All of these features can be found across Nissan’s 4×4 line.

The interior is nothing to scoff at either. The use of soft feeling materials in places commonly touched and premium-grade quality grained plastics offer style aplenty. A nice touch is the flocked surfaces in different colour shades throughout the cockpit area. You can even get trimming in silver or titanium colors to give that “techie” look if desired. Riding inside the new X-Trail is a true pleasure. The well designed console and dash are angled to make access to switch-gear quick and simple. And the interior is packed with modern items such as cooling/warming drink holders, a CD-player, folding rear seats, and a removable and washable rear luggage board. Storage compartments througout the interior are many in number, and are tucked away in handy places. A unique and handy storage drawer slides out from below the raised rear cargo floor. There are two 12-volt power outlets: one that doubles as a cigarette lighter, while the other is located in the rear cargo area. Standard on the Ti and TL models is a sunroof which adds to the already sunny and light cabin. An onboard computer displays up-to-date info on the vehicle’s progress.

The new Nissan X-Trail has an upgraded ALL MODE 4×4 system. This means that uphill and downhill support activates on inclines greater than 10%. The mechanism holds the vehicle on the brakes until the driver starts to move away. DDS (Downhill Drive Support) works off a switch on the centre console and uses the anti-lock brakes to maintain a decent speed of 7km/h. When DDS kicks in, the driver concentrates on steering the vehicle.

The new Nissan X-Trail is slightly larger than its predecessor. Its wheelbase increased by 5mm, and the overall length of the vehicle also increased by 175mm. Two highly acclaimed diesel engines and a powerful 4-cylinder petrol motor offer smooth and elastic performance, ranging from between 110 kW and 127 kW. The X-trail feels peppy and fuel consumption is good. Improved on-road dynamics make for balanced and grippy handling.

Certainly the Nissan X-Trail is a fantastic all-around family vehicle with the capacity for some good, if not serious, off-road ability. A pleasurable drive.

Current model series include:

  • Nissan X-Trail ST 2WD
  • Nissan X-Trail ST-L 2WD
  • Nissan X-Trail ST 4WD
  • Nissan X-Trail ST-L 4WD
  • Nissan X-Trail Ti 4WD
  • Nissan X-Trail TS 4WD
  • Nissan X-Trail Ti-L 4WD

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