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Nissan Maxima 350 ST-S

Model Update

What’s the best big car on the market – all things considered? I reckon I would have to put the Nissan Maxima right up there as the top contender because this is quite a car.

Outstanding value for money is the first reason why the 2010 Nissan Maxima should be the number one car. Absolutely loaded with kit; and I mean loaded because who else offers leather seats and Xenon headlights for under $34k?

If you get the chance to swipe your mates Maxima, you’ll appreciate just how roomy the seating is – and those seats are incredibly comfortable. Luxury items are aplenty; just check out the climate air controls, the electric windows and mirrors, powerful audio system, bluetooth communications, MP3 compatibility, USB connection, electrically adjustable front seats, airbags all over the place, 17-inch alloys, so many dynamic safety features, and wonderfully smooth V6 power and acceleration. You’ll also like the elegant exterior lines and detailing.

One of the joys in driving the balanced Maxima is that the CVT transmission provides very smooth delivery, and with up to 185 kW the car is an exceptional performer.

The latest Nissan Maxima is a clear winner.

Want the best V6 engine in one very stylish package? Awarded ten times over the last decade or so for being the best V6 engine available, you no you’ll be onto something good with Maxima’s 350 ST-S.

The Nissan Maxima 350 ST-S is a vehicle that many people will enjoy owning.

Awesome looks give the Nissan Maxima 350 ST-S loads to boast about. From the tidy taillights that wrap around the 350 ST-S rear to the gloriously curved roof line and low profile bonnet line, and lets not forget to applaud the elegant touches of chrome on the exterior which give the Nissan Maxima 350 ST-S a very classy appearance at the kerbside.

Slip inside the Nissan Maxima 350 ST-S interior, and you simply melt as you are caressed with some of the nicest leather seats. Superbly supportive, while being queenly voluptuous, the seats are superior on any long journey inside this glitzy Maxima. Many car manufacturers need to take a leaf out of Nissan’s interior design strategy. Uncluttered and simple, the dash display is clear and easy on the eye – as well as the brain. The last thing you need to be doing when driving the car is to worry about where the controls are for the climate control, or the heated seats feature. A very nice large onboard computer screen display sits clearly, in the middle and above, the centre console. The blue illumination looks tasteful against the dark interior trimmings which, in themselves, are of a superior quality. Speaking of illumination, both the front passenger and driver sun visor mirrors light up when you require adjusting your hair clip or, as I have seen done at the lights, running an electric shaver over the bristle on your chin. By the way, the most common thing people tend to do at the traffic lights is to pick their nose. Yes, that’s true, the statistical tests have been run to prove it. Anyway, in the Nissan Maxima 350 ST-S you’ll be far to occupied with the sensational cabin mood, the technological sophistication and the sheer excellence found inside the Nissan Maxima to even bother picking your nose! Electric windows, cruise control, an onboard computer, dual zone climate control, a fabulous surround sound audio system, map lights, cup holders front and rear, and auxiliary jacks to run extra electronic wear make the Maxima 350 ST-S too much fun.

Speaking of fun, this is an exclusive performer on the road too. Power from the Nissan Maxima 350 ST-S comes from the best in class all-aluminium VQ35, 3.5 litre, DOHC, 24 valve V6 with a Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control System. Instant response from the 185kW engine is backed up by a muscly 326Nm of torque. You can really crack the whip with this engine, as it has a very sporty flavour. Grip and control are first class when pushing her very hard on the corners. The big sedan isn’t phased by any large bumps in the road either. In fact, the ride is very well cushioned while remaining taut and free from excessive body roll. The brakes bite hard, and with ABS, EBD, BA and ventilated four wheel discs, stopping power is superior. Even with three adults comfortably seated in the back and plenty of luggage on board, the Nissan Maxima 350 ST-S excels. Acceleration from 0-100 km/h is around the seven second mark, so this is a swift entertainer.

Equipped with all the modern safety technology makes the Maxima ST-S a very safe bet in the event of a crash occurring. Dual front airbags and side airbags are standard equipment. Head-protecting side curtains are standard. ABS/EBD brakes, electronic stability control and active head restraints are standard too. The front seat belt buckles are mounted on the seats and the upper anchorages are adjustable. These features improve the fit of the seat belt. Pre-tensioners are fitted to the front seat belts to reduce slack in the event of a crash. A three point seat belt is fitted to the centre rear seat which provides better protection than a two point seat belt.

The new Nissan Maxima 350 ST-S: highly recommended.

The current model series includes the:

  • Nissan Maxima 350 ST-S

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