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Ford Limited is not another name for the Ford Motor Company, even if it sounds like it. Guess again. The word “limited” is synonymous with “definite, finite, restricted” (is it coincidence that in the Macquarie dictionary and thesaurus, the word straight after all the forms of “limited” is “limousine”?) and is often used to indicate that something is a “limited edition” i.e. rare and precious, obtainable only by the few. And the Ford Limited certainly is all this. It is what Ford is proud to call “the ultimate luxury touring vehicle.”

A “limousine”, according to the dictionary definition, is “any large, luxurious car.” And the Ford Limited fits this description as well. With comfortable seating for five and with ample boot space on offer, the Ford Limited is certainly a big car inside – it’s over five metres long and nearly two metres wide on the outside, too. And the voluptuous leather-upholstered seats with lumbar support seats for driver and passenger (with 10-way powered adjustment driver’s seat with memory), not to mention the technological convenience features such as the DVD satellite navigation system, the dual zone climate control, large colour screen and trip computer in the Premium Interior Command Centre make the Ford Limited luxurious. The sunroof opens so you can have an unrestricted listen to the sweet thunder of the V8 engine and any pleasant ambient noise. However, you may want to select your own sounds with the premium audio system with colour screen & 6-disc in-dash CD, 150 watt amplifier & sub-woofer.

And the Ford Limited looks big and luxurious, though not in a cheesy, ostentatious way. Its looks are classy and refined, with a hint of European class belying its Australian origins. Inside, the China Beige leather upholstery (embossed with the Ford Limited emblem) is complemented perfectly by the Rabbit Rose woodgrain inlays.

In terms of power and performance, the Ford Limited may be finite, physics being what they are, but it is certainly definite. But with a juicy maximum power output of 230kW @ 5350rpm and an immense maximum torque of 500Nm @ 3500rpm, the Barra 230 5.4L SOHC V8 engine underneath the sophisticated hood of the Ford Limited certainly feels infinite and, well, unlimited. Running through the six gears using the Sequential Sports Shift is certainly unlimited fun, even if you have to keep to the speed limits. The Sports Control Blade Independent rear suspension is another factor that could be called “definite” and, alongside the dynamic stability control and traction control, keeps its 17″ 7 spoke alloy wheels well and truly on the road.

The Ford Limited has been well set up with plenty of state-of-the-art safety features that will make sure that any damage to the occupants is restricted and limited. The 4-channel ABS with EBD put a check on the power and speed of the Ford Limited, helping you stop smoothly and safely. And in a collision, you will be protected within the limits of the Intelligent Safety System that includes an advanced restraint module with crash severity sensor and driver’s seat sensor along with the front and side airbags and the pretensioned seatbelts..

Older luxury cars didn’t seem to care too much about how much juice they consumed. Nowadays, we tend to be more considerate and try to limit our petrol consumption and noxious emissions. The Ford Limited does pretty well for a car of its class, consuming 13.3 litres on average every 100 km, which means that you’ll average about 500 km on one tank of petrol.

As can be expected, what will limit the Ford Limited from appearing as the car of the masses is the price. However, no longer sold new, you should be able to pick one of these for a reasonable price. This is a luxury car – and deservedly so, so be prepared to pay top dollar for the Ford Limited. But you won’t regret your decision.

Current model series include:

  • Ford LTD 5.4l V8 Sedan

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