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2019 Ford Focus Wagon

2019 Ford Focus Wagon ST-Line

What’s out there in 2019 for buyers on the lookout for a new station wagon?  Bucking the SUV trend, and going for a new station wagon does have its benefits.  For one thing your drive is likely to be more fuel efficient, sometimes more comfortable and even sportier – depending on the model you choose.

Australia’s most affordable wagon is actually the Skoda Fabia wagon.  With 505-litres of luggage space when the rear seats are in place or 1370-litres with them folded down, it is deceptively practical and also features plenty of ‘Simply Clever’ load securing items.  Another handy and competitively priced station wagon is the new VW Golf.  Boasting plenty of style and quality you also get 605-litres of boot space with the seats up, or 1620-litres with them folded.  And you can get one of these fuel misers in petrol or diesel flavour.  You can get some reasonably priced larger wagons that include the new Holden Commodore, Ford Mondeo, Subaru Levorg, Mazda 6 and even the Peugeot 308.  So, yes, there is plenty if choice out in the market place.  Even the most luxurious BMW 5-Series and Mercedes Benz E-Class have a nice station wagon alternative – not to mention Volvo and Audi, but then these will be more expensive.

However, if you’re a Ford fan then there is also the new 2019 Ford Focus Wagon looking for a new owner.  How does this one match up?  It actually has plenty of great features as well as its smooth appearance to capture the attention.  Ford has given the popular Focus brand a good-old overhaul, and when you slip inside the 2019 Ford Focus wagon there is plenty of space and a nice simple, practical layout.  The well thought-out dash has a large pop-up touch screen in the centre with excellent graphics and modern usability with voice control more a-kin to our everyday language phrases.  I like the latest dash styling which does away with the messier designs of old.

2019 Ford Focus Wagon Interior

New Ford Focus technology brings the excellent FordPass connect feature with its own built-in modem enabling the 2019 Ford Focus Wagon to be a 4G LTE hotspot and providing wireless internet connectivity for up to 10 devices!  The car connects seamlessly with its own Ford App that enables you to keep informed of issues with the car, right down to a failed lightbulb or low tyre pressure.  Wireless phone charging is present, as well as a really good head-up display that you can even see while wearing polarised glasses.  You’ll love the way Ford has equipped each model, with even the base models feeling like they are a well presented and well-appointed car.

On higher-end Ford Focus wagon models you’ll be able to chin-wag about the car’s continuously controlled damping (CCD) system which can react fast enough to save wheels and tyres from pothole damage.  This system has the ability to read the road ahead and stop the wheel dropping into a pothole as they arise.

New Ford Focus cars are very safe.  Expect the new Focus to clean up with premium safety features.  There are even some new gizmos to talk about like: predictive curve light and sign-based light mapping.  This means that your new Ford Focus can come equipped with lights that can effectively see around corners before you can and read the road signs ahead.  Adaptive cruise control will find the edge of the road even without lines, and you can parking the car by merely pushing a button.

Comfort levels are good, and the seats provide a premium feel.  The sporty ST-Line is the only model available for station wagon purchasers.  The model group comes in its own palette of nine colours and interior trims.  The German-made Focus wagon boasts 575-litres of luggage space with the rear seats in place, so you’ve got that area well wrapped up.

The engine is excellent at being frugal as well as powerful, and the brand new 1.5-litre EcoBoost petrol engine has great flexibility and performance.  Packing 134 kW of power between 1600-and-4500 rpm, as well as 240 Nm of torque between 1750-and-5000 rpm, the ST-Line Focus Wagon gets along really nicely.  You should see a top speed of well over 200 km/h on the right road as well as a 0-100 km/h sprint time of less than 9 seconds.  The car is very secure at speed and rides the undulations nicely.  Perhaps one area of disappointment is in the choice of engines for the new Focus Wagon, but maybe we’ll see the tweaked 1.0-litre Ecoboost becoming available or a diesel.  One thing Ford has hinted at is that there will be electric and hybrid versions in the not too distant future.

The 2019 Ford Focus Wagon strikes you with its low-and-long stance and bolder new lines.  It’s definitely appealing, and will be liked by both young and old alike.  It’s definitely got to be on your list of “must sees”, and when rivalled by plenty of classy wagons on the market it needs to be good to compete – and this it does very well indeed.

2019 Ford Focus Wagon

The 2019 Ford Focus Wagon models include the:

  • Ford Focus Wagon ST-Line 134 kW

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