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2018 Ford Endura

2018 Ford Endura

It seems that the gap is closing for any differences in build quality and ride between SUV manufacturers.  That’s a good thing because it means that there are plenty of very good SUVs to choose from; however, it might make the decision a little harder.  In terms of getting yourself a good quality new SUV these days, the list of models available is actually quite long.  So, how does one narrow it down a little?  To cut the mustard in a competitive environment, a roomy new SUV has to have high levels of comfort, be appealing on the eye and have all the modern features you would expect in terms of safety and entertainment.  Ford’s new Endura is set to take over from where the Territory signs off, and Ford has done a really good job of getting it about right.

Clean lines, great design and intelligent features are what make the new Ford Endura an SUV to be proud of.  There is a nice perspicuity about Ford’s new vehicles, and the Endura has an eloquence and an ability for the driver to express themselves.  As a Territory replacement, the Endura has strong, attractive looks and comfortable modern interiors.  The new Endura looks to be lower to the ground, sportier and more compact overall.

A nice black four piece grille is bold and simple, displaying the large Ford logo at the centre.  Skilfully fitting into the top of the grille, the headlights neatly marry the three different planes at the their junction between the Endura’s nose, bonnet and front wheel panelling.  A slightly chunky front end looks typically Ford and adds to the strong safety credentials, no doubt.  The new Ford Endura has a more rounded roofline, and it appears to hide the vehicle’s size cleverly.  Look around the rear of the vehicle and the Endura has a sweet design that incorporates a high waistline running into crisp modern taillights with LED technology.  A spoiler on the roof spills over the back end, and the wide chrome-tipped twin exhaust outlets complete the tidy appearance of the latest SUV from Ford.

Enter into the modern Ford interior, and the Endura boasts dash clarity and modern features.  If there is one area that I may suggest Ford might want to look at with the Endura that would be adding a little more pizazz to the dash styling.  We’ve become accustomed to Ford’s ability to make sophisticated interiors that look nice and offer excellent functionality, however the overall design is very familiar and a little yesteryear.  Some rivals do offer some pretty nice bright and lustrous interiors that feel warm and welcoming the moment you climb aboard.  That said, you’ll find the Ford Endura both roomy and comfortable.  The cabin offers excellent rear seat space for three adults, while the boot space holds plenty of luggage.

2018 Ford Endura Interior

Ride quality for the new Ford Endura is very good; it’s controlled, accurate and comfy.  Noise levels are low, and there is a number of noise control devices and designs working together to provide a real sense of serenity for your drive.  The combination of Ford’s Active Noise Control technologies silences unwanted cabin noise.  There are microphones fitted inside the cabin that detect and measure specific sound waves, and the control unit can separate conversation and audio from unwanted noises and create inaudible ‘white noise’ to cancel out any undesirable noise throughout the cabin.  The 2018 Ford Endura boasts Acoustic windscreen glass and laminated glass for both front door windows to further reduce wind noise.  Underbody panelling and wheel-arch liners further reduce road noise.  Overall, the Endura drive is very relaxing.

Buying the new Ford Endura will see a range of modern diesel-turbo varieties on offer, with the Ford Endura ST Line featuring an advanced 2.0 TDCi engine that is upgraded to a hot 154 kW bi-turbo for great SUV performance and economy.  The primary turbo works at lower speeds, and the secondary turbo kicks in at higher engine speeds.  Both FWD and AWD options are available, with Ford’s Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (AWD) technology standard on the premium ST models.

The new big Ford Endura SUV is safe and has features like forward collision warning, autonomous emergency braking, pedestrian detection and braking, blind-spot monitoring, cross-traffic alert, front and rear parking sensors, lane-departure warning, lane-keep assist, high-beam assist, hill-start assist, and handy front and rear parking cameras.  Also, the two rear outer seats are fitted with rear inflatable seat belts which will inflate and spread the crash forces over a five times larger area on the occupant’s body.  In the event of an accident occurring, the Endura has some great kit onboard to minimise injury.

Sporty and efficient new Ford Enduras will be available in Ford dealerships at the end of 2018, so we’ll keep you posted as the new SUV becomes available for purchase.  Don’t forget to get in touch with us to see if we can get you a great deal!

2018 Ford Endura

For any more information on the new Ford Endura SUV or, for that matter, any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181.  If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!), we can submit vehicle quote requests out to our national network of Ford dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours.  Private Fleet – car buying made easy!