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Ford Fairlane


There are a number of stories circulating about Henry Ford, the most popular being the “any colour as long as it’s black” saying. What many people don’t know is that the very popular Ford Fairlane was named after the Michigan estate of Henry Ford Senior. The Ford Fairlanes of today are no longer black only – although black is available – but come in a range of nature-inspired colours, but they’re still good family cars.

So, climb inside the Ford Fairlane, and let’s head out onto the open road to see what it can do. You can, of course, take passengers – up to 5. All three models of the latest Ford Fairlane – the Ghia, the G8 and the Ltd – have cushy leather upholstered seats with lumbar support in the front, so you’ll all be very comfortable. Adjust the driver’s seat (using the memory in the driver’s seat and the power adjustment controls), nudge the gearstick into first, if you’re driving the manual version, and head out. While you’re still purring through the city, you’ll be able to enjoy the premium audio system with 6-disc in-dash CD, and stop for a quick takeaway coffee to fit into the cupholders. Other gadgets you might like to explore include the optional 15 litre “Day Tripper” fridge and the colour display screen that ties into the sound system.

Now you’re out on the open road. Time to see what the Ford Fairlane can do. The Barra 190 engine inside the Ghia has a maximum output of 190kW and a maximum torque of 383Nm, which will see you flying along at the top speed that’s well over 200 km/hr. The Barra 230 V8 engine in the G8 and Limited versions of the Ford Fairlane, however, is even better, thanks to a maximum output of 230kW and a whopping maximum torque of 500 Nm. It’s not for nothing that the Ford Fairlane has been considered a muscle car.

The suspension and grip of the Ford Fairlane are just what you’d expect from a car company with a very long and illustrious history. The 4-channel ABS brakes with EBD and the dynamic stability control make the Ford Fairlane brilliant and safe when tackling corners, and the traction control keeps the tyres snugly on the road

The new versions of the Ford Fairlane are nothing like the gas-guzzling monsters of yesteryear; however, the Ford Fairlane is a large car and therefore can be thirsty. The petrol consumption of the Ford Fairlane G8 and Ltd’s engines is 15 litres per 100 km on average, while the Ghia’s Barra 190 is better at 12 litres/100 km. The safety features on the new versions of the Ford Fairlane are much improved, and include the Intelligent Safety System; driver, front passenger and side airbags, pyrotechnic and pretensioned seatbelts. And just in case one of the local hoons is looking for a free upgrade (and unfortunately, Ford Fairlanes, Falcons and Fairmonts are some of the models stolen most frequently), a fully integrated alarm with battery back-up is available as a standard feature. Optional safety equipment include a fire extinguisher, a first aid kit and a safety triangle.

The most exciting development with the Ford Fairlane has been the unveiling of a new concept car at the Chicago Auto Show in 2005, which sees the Ford Fairlane pushing into the SUV/MPV arena. Its original name was the Ford Fairlane Concept, but it’s now known at the Ford Flex. Watch this space?

Current model series include:

  • Ford Fairlane G8 BF
  • Ford Fairlane Ghia BF

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