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2020 Ford Mustang R-SPEC

2020 Ford Mustang R-SPEC

Green, Red, White and Blue are the colours reserved for the hot looking 2020 Ford Mustang R-Spec muscle car.  They haven’t, as yet, been all sold out (thank goodness), with just 500 of these gems going to be built.

The Ford Mustang R-Spec version has all of the niceties and goodies of the standard Mustang 2.3L and GT cars, but then more… it features a special Roush-based 12 psi, 2.65-litre supercharger kit which when applied to the 5.0-litre V8 produces an output bigger than 500 kW of power and greater than 800 Nm of torque.  This is some very serious performance, and a fitting model for the iconic Mustang badge.

2020 Ford Mustang R-SPEC

A special Herrod active sports exhaust enables the big V8 to breathe easier, and it also boasts several different sound tracks for drivers, as well as onlookers, to enjoy.  Thanks to the active design mechanism, the exhaust package has four noise settings that are gained access to via buttons on the steering wheel ranging from ‘quiet’ to ‘racetrack’ modes/levels.

Sitting on unique 19-inch Ford Performance alloy wheels, this R-Spec Coupe has a superb macho on-road presence.  Bigger and better upgrades have been made to the standard GT Mustang chassis to ensure that the entire grunt is tamed and kept in check appropriately.  This model also rides 20 mm lower than the Ford Mustang GT models, so the centre of gravity is much lower and the ride somewhat firmer.

You’re always noticed in this car, and the stonking V8 and striking looks can’t go by unnoticed.  You have very unique design cues, and the result is meaner, more aggressive lines and a more flattering silhouette.  Black decals and stripes, a unique lower front valance and spoiler, a bigger intake, blackened headlight surrounds and the black Pony badge all add to the R-Spec’s aura as it rumbles down the street.

2020 Ford Mustang R-SPEC

Other notable R-Spec black exterior design features are the: black ‘5.0’ fender badges, black hood vents, black lamp curtains, black mirror caps, black unique over-the-top stripes, black quad exhaust tips, a black rear spoiler, black R-Spec badge at the rear and black unique side hockey stripe decals.  Ford Performance scuff plates, puddle lamp R-Spec projection lights, a Ford Performance shift knob and a numbered interior R-Spec instrument panel badge are the other special features that set this muscle car apart.

All-in-all, the rare Ford Mustang R-Spec has to be on the ultimate Ford car-buyers list.  I’m sure that their value will only increase as the years roll on, and it will be a car destined for greatness and a true legend in its own right.

2020 Ford Mustang R-SPEC

The 2020 Ford Mustang models currently include the:

  • Ford Mustang R-SPEC
  • Ford Mustang 2.3L
  • Ford Mustang GT

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