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2005 Alfa Romeo GT 2.0


Swanking up to the lights, this author wasn’t in the latest European limousine. Neither were they in the sharpest hot hatch from Japan. He was minding his own business on foot and waiting on the sidewalk for the pedestrian crossing lights to turn green. Blink, the green light came and out he stepped. Sailing through the red traffic light was a blue flash. Stepping hastily back but keeping an eye on the vehicle that cut the red tape, he was able to decipher that the streak of blue light was in fact a very quick and sporty Alfa. Musing over this event I cautiously crossed the intersection on foot again. It soon became clear that the low profile lines and the squat two-door shape could only be that of the latest Alfa Romeo GT. Sure, not every Alfa Romeo driver cuts it that fine all the time. And I guess it’s best not to see how far you can push the limits before activating all the latest safety features inside the Alfa Romeo GT.

I want one! Not metallic blue, but that oh-so-gorgeous Italian red! Pretty lines and sharp detailing make the Alfa Romeo GT 2.0 quite a sensational work of art. And it doesn’t stop on the outside either. Inside, the Alfa Romeo GT 2.0 is a princely cabin space that has some of the most comfortable seats found inside this world’s cars. The sport cloth and fine interior trimming ensures that the Alfa Romeo GT 2.0 is sumptuous – to say the least. An elegant dash and instrument design create a car that is totally unique and totally stylish.

You can be sure that the Alfa Romeo GT 2.0 is well equipped. On the safety front, there are no less than six airbags. The Alfa Romeo GT 2.0 car comes with ABS, EBD and a very useful Traction Control system that enables the car to remain very firmly planted on the road. You’ll find the car comes with an alarm and engine immobiliser – just in case someone else really wants one and can’t wait to save up! A superbly effective climate control system boasts dual-zone air-conditioning. Electric windows are standard, and so too is cruise control and a trip computer. Life for me would be dull without some form of sound system inside a car. I was pleasantly surprised to find a grunty eight-speaker CD audio system was supplied by Alfa Romeo. So, yes, the Alfa Romeo GT 2.0 is a nice drive – even if you don’t use the full potential of the engine and just like to cruise the roads.

Equipped with a 121 kW 2.0 litre engine that is fuelled with unleaded petrol. And boasting an optional selespeed transmission with six gears you have plenty of get-up-and-go! Sweet running and very free revving, the motor pulls strongly throughout the entire range of engine revolutions. Quick take offs are a breeze – as the vehicle has a light and very user-friendly gear shift. You can expect 0-100 km/h sprints to take around eight seconds, and with a top speed of well in excess of 200 km/h, you can be sure that you won’t be late for the early-morning boardroom meetings (held, of course, at the local golf club).

Has there ever been an Alfa Romeo that can’t handle the tight corners? I don’t think so! The awesomely tight and taut suspension set-up of the Alfa Romeo GT 2.0 is exceptionally well balanced and fun to drive quickly. The line of attack at each corner is brimming with confidence because of the copious amounts of composed grip in reserve that the Alfa Romeo GT 2.0 has. The ride is well damped from severe road undulations, and the GT feels very smooth and solid on the road. Even with a couple of big lads in the back an a set of golf clubs the Alfa Romeo GT 2.0 remains glued to the road and ever-so cool, calm and collected.

Certainly a car for satisfying the driving enthusiast, the Alfa Romeo GT 2.0 is just as happy to swank through the intersection – if not too quickly! With the Alfa’sswooning lines you’ll be doing it in fine style too.

The current model series includes the:

  • GT 2.0 JTS
  • GT 2.0 JTS sequential five speed
  • GT Monza Coupe JTS

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