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2010 Alfa Romeo Mito


I’ve mentioned elsewhere that I thought the Fiat 500 was the hottest thing since blue Candy Floss. However I think I might have found an equal. Let’s take a look at the chic wee Alfa Romeo Mito.

Styling is almost retro, and yet quite sporty. The cute headlights look racy enough, and so does the overall low profile side on view too. Goose-step round to the rear of the vehicle, and I get very impressed by the round taillights rimmed in chrome detailing. They remind me of the very old Ford Fairlane models. I love the sport twin exhaust pipes too.

Take a trip into the interior, and the Alfa Romeo Mito has an exciting cabin that envelops you. The Italian flair and sport is all there, and that’s what I like. You are in a different car. A different car from the run-of-the-mill “copy-me” type interiors. Alfa’s offer sexy and unique interiors – ones that have to be experienced to be believed. Behind the wheel, you are sitting low, giving the impression of go-kart races. Hooded dials and mainly black trim feature fine textured materials and exquisite style that creates a sophisticated, sporty cabin atmosphere. Lusso models have a padded carbonfibre-look dashboard that can be in a black or rich dark red colour. Nice!

The Alfa Romeo Mito is sporty to drive, and includes rebound springs inside the dampers. This design is to reduce body roll without spoiling the ride. Poke the Mito along and there is plenty of fun and excitement to be had with its great roadholding and sprightly engines. The six-speed gearshift promises to be a beauty. The 1.4 litre motor is very energetic in the mid-range, however there are five engines offered in Europe ranging from 69 kW through to 114 kW in the Veloce models. It remains to be seen just which ones Australia will get. A 1.5 litre and a 1.3 litre diesel option make up two out of the five engines, and the 1.3 JTD diesel almost hits 80 mpg on the open road!

Recommended? You bet ya! This is worth a small wait. For a well priced run about, this ones set to be a ‘good-un’.

The current model series includes:

  • Alfa Romeo Mito

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