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2005 Alfa Romeo 156


The sleek lines and classy look of the Alfa Romeo 156 make it a popular car just for those reasons, but there is a lot more to this stunning car than just those things. The interior of this elegant Italian sports car focuses on driver comfort, and on keeping outside noises where they belong – outside.

The build quality is very good and , of course, engine performance and handling are absolutely fantastic. Especially with the Alfa Romeo 156 GT, you’re going to feel the strength and power right away, but what can often be surprising to drivers is how smooth the ride is, despite the raw power under the hood. When rapidly accelerating, there can be a bit of roughness with gear changes; once you are up to speed, though, you’ll find that the Alfa Romeo 156 gives you the speed and agility that you need, with enough control and traction to make you feel like you are hugging the road. Balance always seems to be at a maximum with the 156, and the disc brakes perform well under all different kinds of weather conditions.

The price for the 156 is about what one would expect for a sports car of this calibre, and over the years the different versions of the 156, such as the GTAm and the GT 3.7 V6 have won some impressive awards. You will also see the 156 featured in a lot of races, such as the British Touring Car Championship and various other European races.

This car has some of the best looks in the automotive world. Buy the156, and be prepared for a very satisfying and long term ownership.

Current model series include:

  • Alfa Romeo 156 JTS
  • Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon
  • Alfa Romeo 156 V6

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