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Test Driving

It is always recommended that test drives of a potential new vehicle be completed prior to any pricing negotiations. This applies to everyone, including those who choose to take advantage of Private Fleet’s purchasing services.

No matter how certain you feel about a car before you’ve driven it, the test-drive is the ‘make or break’ as to whether the car will be enjoyed year after year. There’s no point even starting to think about haggling prices if it ends up being the wrong vehicle for you — this is not only a waste of time but may end up compromising future negotiations on another vehicle.  By all means seek indicative pricing (few phone calls, the internet or by speaking with a Private Fleet consultant) before heading out to test-drive but don’t push your hardest for pricing until you know you’re on the right car.

When speaking with one of Private Fleet’s consultants remember to ask how a no-pressure test drive can be arranged for you, free of charge at your home or office.  A Private Fleet test drive means there’ll be no car dealers jumping all over you, no one trying to do a deal just a professional showing you through the car and taking you for a test drive at your leisure.

Test drives can be arranged for the following vehicles:

You wouldn’t buy a house without inspecting it, so don’t buy a car without a test-drive!