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Buying a new Volvo

Volvo are renowned for combining safety, quality and style and they currently offer a range of vehicles that are better than ever before. With over 20 accredited Volvo Dealers within the Private Fleet National Network and a purchasing power of many hundreds of new vehicles per year, Private Fleet is well placed to ensure that your next new Volvo purchase is second to none.

Private Fleet are able to save private buyers thousands of dollars on the following 2023 Volvo vehicles:

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More About: Volvo.

Once known as the producer of squared off cars, Volvo was founded in Sweden (the Swedish name is Volvokoncernen) either in 1915 as the subsidiary of a ball bearing maker or in 1927 when the first Volvo car was released.  Volvo itself is derived from “volvere”, the Latin translation of “I roll” in reference to the ball bearing manufacturer, SKF, it was associated with.

The Volvo ÖV 4 was developed thanks to an association between a SKF sales manager, Assar Gabrielsson, and an engineer, Gustav Larson, who also designed the engine used. Sales of Volvo vehicles was largely restricted to local areas however the fledgling company was also making trucks, which garnered immediate attention outside of Sweden.

SKF still had shares in the company until 1935 and in 1942 Volvo diversified even further by buying Svenska Flygmotor, an aeronautics engineering company. 1935 also saw the acquisition of Pentaverken, a company that had been supplying engines to Volvo, one year after the growing conglomerate released their first bus, the B1.

Further expansion occurred in 1950 as agricultural and construction machinery business Bolinder-Munktell joined the group. The subsidiary was renamed to Volvo BM in 1973 and the agricultural side was subsequently sold six years later.

Volvo has also been partnered with other companies such as Renault and Mitsubishi, and also attempted a merger with Saab-Scania. There’s two divisions, Volvo Cars and Volvo AB, with the car division now owned by Chinese giant, Geely, after being sold by Volvo AB to Ford in 1999.