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Buying a new Lexus

Lexus have a keen following in Australia and it’s no wonder when you see Japan’s most prestigious brand delivering quality car after quality car. Lexus have proven to be ambitious by successfully taking on the might of the European prestige heavyweights and Lexus dealers are delivering more cars than ever into the Australian market. With around 20 accredited Lexus Dealers within the Private Fleet National Network and a purchasing power of many hundreds of new vehicles per year, Private Fleet is well placed to ensure that your next new Lexus purchase is second to none.

Private Fleet are able to save private buyers thousands of dollars on the following 2023 Lexus vehicles:

To find out more or to find out how to obtain Private Fleet Discount Pricing via your local Lexus dealer, click here to complete our 30 second enquiry form or call 1300 303 181 during business hours.

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In the greater automotive scheme of things Lexus are a relative newcomer to the industry, with the luxury arm of Toyota being founded in 1983 but not selling its first car, an LS badge, until 1989.  backed by Toyota the brand quickly ascended the ranks to be placed in the top ten Japanese brands in market value.

Somewhat unusually, the brand was marketed in Japan under both Toyota and Lexus for 16 years; it wasn’t until 2005 that Lexus was sold as a stand alone nameplate in its home country.

The cars themselves share some characteristics with the source material from Toyota but are significantly upgraded and some have been bespoke in design. One in particular, the Lexus LF-A, became seen as an engineering tour de force, featuring one of the world’s first full digital dash screens, primarily to showcase the rapidity in response to the throttle the engines has.

Other Lexus breakthoughs included the brand announcing in 2009 that, thanks to higher sales of hybrids in Europe than standard engined models, it would become a hybrid only marque for that market. 2014 had Lexus release the NX cossover and a first for the company with the use of a turbocharger. The company itself is investing heavily in hybrid technology.

Lexus has a specific design philosophy known as IDEAL. Impressive, Dynamic, Elegant, Advanced, Lasting, is at the core of its overall build process, down to the style of stitching in its leather seats.

Lexus prides itself on service and has one of the highest customer retention rates in the automotive industry.